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Nov 8, 2021
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Hello everyone! New here, and not sure if this treasure legend has already been posted, but I figured I would post it anyways!

This is one that has captivated me over the years. It is actually one that kind of re-introduced me to my adventurous and curious self. Since I am new here, If figured I would let you know that I love my pirate and age of exploration history. Whereas this story takes place outside of what they call "The Golden Age of Piracy" it is still a fantastic legend of a great pirate treasure haul.

In 1820, after a couple hundred years of controlling Peru, the Spanish were under heavy pressure from Native South Americans who were getting wary of the Spanish and their control. Eventually, the city of Lima had to be evacuated. When it did, the Spanish had to transport their riches to Mexico as a safe haven. This treasure, which is include gemstones, gold, statues of the Virgin Mary and the baby Jesus, is valued at $12-$60 million.

Under the command of Captain William Thompson of the Mary Dear, the hoard was on its way to Mexico...or so they thought. It seemed that Captain Thompson and his crew turned pirate and took the loot for themselves. They stopped at Cocos Island off the coast of Costa Rica to lay low. While they were there, they buried the treasure somewhere on the island.

After eventually getting caught, all but Captain Thompson and his first mate were executed. They promised to take the Spanish back to Cocos Island and show them the treasure. Well, they ended up escaping into the wilderness. They, as well as the treasure, were never seen again...

-Captain Kirky


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FACT: Some treasure has been found on the Cocos Island.... But has all of it been found? There are stories on this site....Enjoy.

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