Unexplored Japanese Tunnel in the Philippines


Feb 3, 2023
This is concerning an unexplored World War II Japanese tunnel in the southern Philippines Province of Mindanao. It's located in the residential Bajada area of Davao City. In Dec 1941, Davao City had been one of the first areas in the the Philippines that Japanese soldiers had taken over and occupied. My wife & family have a home in the Bajada area about a 100 yards where the tunnel is located. The tunnel was accessed by a vertical dug shaft straight down into the tunnel. About 20 years ago on a trip to visit my wife's family, my brother-in-law had showed me the exact location of the access tunnel. The tunnel access was within a house that had a dirt floor. The hole or vertical shaft over the years had been filled with disposed trash. According to my brother-in law the tunnel was never explored due to residents had a great fear of snakes. A few years before I met my wife, and before the access shaft was filled with trash, he did drop down into the the tunnel ( about 6-8 feet down ) and found a few Japanese empty bullet shells, but he had never explored into the tunnel system. The photo's attached were taken around 20 years ago when I was first shown the location of the tunnel. One of the photos shows scrap wood and what appears to be an old tire covering the shaft hole.

Since these photos were taken, that ramshackle bamboo house, where the tunnel hole was located, has since been torn down, and another house built over it. To access the tunnel now would require permission from the present owner to excavate that section of floor, or possibly locate the tunnel system utilizing ground penetrating radar around the many gravel roadways around the residence..


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