West By Sea: A Treasure Hunt that Spans the Globe


Feb 16, 2015
New England
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Found this new armchair treasure hunt. It is a book about a trip around the world by ship, but it has different puzzles and codes inside. In the back is a section about the treasure hunt and prizes.

"This book contains an armchair treasure hunt. Locate and decipher multi-layered clues spread across one hundred and five daily logbook pages, to reveal a geographic position and a final offset clue, that together pinpoint a specific physical spot on the surface of planet Earth.

"Solving the layered puzzle will require only paper and pencil, the ability to read and understand the English language, a keen eye for detail, creativity, and tenacity. If you uncover the final position and offset clue, contact us with your answer. An independent committee will review each submission, and assign recognition for those found to be correct. If correct, we will add your name to a publicly displayed honor roll. We do not influence committee decisions. Committee decisions are final.

"If you choose to actually travel to the final location, bring paper and crayon to make a rubbing of the correct object. Hint: the position revealed by this book will only get you close. You must also decode and use the offset to locate the final object. The first ten (10) people to send us a rubbing, and subsequently solve a final question based on the book codes (thereby proving you visited the final spot and have also cracked the underlying book code), will receive a limited-edition object, and 1% of the book profits for the remainder of the first five (5) years of publication."

I will of course be spending time with this now. There goes the weekend.

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