✅ SOLVED What is this? Brass Eagle button, E Pluribus Unum, Made in England- What war?


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Feb 25, 2013
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Found this relic hunting today on land that has been in my family since early 1800s. I can't find anything on-line like it and was just wondering what war it was from? Year? Value? It's in GREAT condition. It's brass, slightly larger than a quarter, has "Made in England" on the back and has "E Pluribus Unum" above the Eagle's wings. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help!


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Mar 5, 2010
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That is a Great Seal button and dates from 1910 to the present day. The backmark will be the key to dating it and I am sure BigCypressHunter will be interested in it as he is compiling a list of Great Seal backmarks. It is not on the list I have but, hopefully, BigCY will be along soon and can shed some light on it.

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Mar 15, 2012
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do you know the actual size of it? looks like a ww1 button. pretty comman find. I never found one made in england that i can recall. Ive found bag fulls of these buttons though! hmm.

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