1. Gilt Button Military Eagle found in Michigan.

  2. George Washington? Is that you? YES!

    This week I received my new Deus 2 and decided to try it out on a recently acquired 250+ acre permission along a colonial-present road. Started the day walking towards what I thought was the original home site and found a few flat buttons along the way. The Deus 2 performed amazingly! At the...
  3. Old Tree Carvings Markers Codes KGC

    I've been sitting on all these old photos for far too long. Pictures taken at least 12 years ago on an old crappy Motorola Razor flip phone. Trees at the cache site have long been destroyed from a tornado that came through. I might have the only photographic evidence that these markers ever...
  4. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Possible Droop Wing Eagle Confederate Item. Civil War?

    I have hit what appears to be a Confederate Cavalry camp in North Alabama. Several plain flat buttons and odd iron objects with Sharps and Maynard bullets occurring with Roundballs. This is the first item that could be identified as North or South. It is a 35mm, heavily corroded item that...
  5. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Button - Eagle with 13 stars and no shield. Civil War?

    All, found this button on a site that has produced Civil War and later artifacts. It is a brass button with an Eagle facing right with a diameter of 19.2mm. The Eagle is clutching a shield and an arrow against a lined field. The button has two holes in the front however, and I have never seen...
  6. ✅ SOLVED Possible Eagle Bridle Boss? Civil War?

    This specimen was found on a site that has produced artifacts from the Civil War. The material is unknown, but patinated like brass while retaining a aluminum or stainless like gloss. This appears to be an eagle facing left without a shield against a lined field. On the back, stars are...
  7. PLEASE help me and my historical society identify these finds

    Hi there everybody, been awhile since I?ve posted. And I have a bunch of finds I need to identify. And have always been blown away from the knowledge of this community. All these finds are from the same abandoned village. It was a bustling community when it was the main road between towns from...
  8. ✅ SOLVED Presidental seal pin? Boy scouts?

    I did a little hunting at an 1870 house this afternoon and here's what I found, for the first two hours (ish) all I found was a nickel and a few modern pennies. Then in the last fifteen or twenty minutes I changed spots and only dug the better signals in the 70s and 80s on my ACE... payed off...
  9. One Piece Convex Eagle Infantry Button

    Found this little beauty while recombing an area that I've been over with the ATPro at least 50X. Signal with the 800 was predominantly 12, touching 11 & 13 periodically, so right in there with pulltabs & nickels. I assumed pulltab before I broke dirt & was more than happy to see a button at a...
  10. Great seal buttons

    I found these about 100 yards and 2 months apart! The big one is a Horstmann Philadelphia 1893-1935 and the small one which I found today is an American Button Co. 1901-1920.
  11. ✅ SOLVED Vintage Wool Nurse Cape - Green- Help Guess age by Waterbury buttons

    I found this old nurse's cape today. It's green with yellow lining. All wool. Excellent condition I'm trying to identify something about it from the four gold buttons that display two horses and an eagle. "Waterbury Button Co Conn" on backside Inside cloth label: Marvin Neitzel, Quality...
  12. Metal Eagle possible top fanale or medal piece?

    Hi All, Attached are photos of a metal eagle that i have found within my own garden. Does anyone have a clue what it is? By the way, I am located in North West UK incase of relevance of find. Thanks, Neil
  13. Old Eagle badge with Trumpets and Music Notes

    Found this near a very old site in MA... Not sure what it is, music notes on the bottom and maybe would have an eagle on the top of this.. Rang up bouncing from 45-51 ish Range on AT Gold
  14. Button Found?

    Ok I have found a few dozen possibilities for this one.. An Eagle with a crown over it. But I cannot find anything with the eagle looking to the left (facing button). Can anyone give me a clue on this one? Thanks in advance. IzG2
  15. Tin (maybe) screw type cap with embossed eagle??

    Looking for help identifying this...can't find anything close. It's about as round as a quarter.
  16. ✅ SOLVED US coin from mid 1800s

    US coin from mid 1800's I thought this was a US large cent when I found it, but the back is wrong. The Liberty on the front looks like the large cents from 1839 to 1857; however, rather than having a wreath on the back, this coin has an eagle facing left and holding arrows. There does not...
  17. ✅ SOLVED Military button or imitation?

    Today while detecting around an Indiana house built in the early 1900's, I came across this button. It is obviously in the style of a military type button, but I noticed it did not have a raised edge nor horizontal banding, as on other military buttons I have seen. Was this a replica for...
  18. ✅ SOLVED What did this eagle mount to?

    All I can think of when I see this is that it's a flagpole topper but what's throwing me off is how it mounts. It also has the appearance of a hood ornament. Head to tail: 5.5 inches Width: 4 inches Weight: 1 lb - 3.4 oz Any ideas? THX - :blackbeard:
  19. Help to ID this painting.

    I am the last person to know much about fine art. My grandmother has had this picture as long as I can remember (30 yrs +). She recently gave it to me. It has a signature "Bill Bliss" in the lower right corner. I googled him (William Bliss Baker) and couldn't find this painting. It is 24 inches...
  20. ❎ SOLD Whites Blue Max 950

    White's Blue Max 950 Anyone have a Blue Max 950 (6.59 Khz) for Sale ? I JUST FOUND ONE!!! Thanks, Bill