What type of firearm do you prefer to shoot?

What type of firearm do you prefer to shoot?

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Voted rifle, can shoot things further away with those!

Sherman, you never miss a chance do you! :thumbsup:


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Apr 19, 2006
northeast Wisconsin
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Fisher CZ3D, BH Discovery 3300
Depends 100% on the target and / or situation, but just for shootings sake, my personal favorites are my 30.06 bolt action, and my .44 magnum with the 8" barrel (although that one tends to ring your ears even with hearing protection) ;D



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Jan 17, 2007
Well, by my handle, you probably guessed handgun. You'd be right. But, I also really enjoy my scoped bolt actions for greater distance, smaller groups. But, I also really enjoy my WWII era bolt action military rifles (but darn those Mauser sights sure are getting harder to see). Used to really enjoy my muzzleloaders for hunting (till Illinois started allowing us to use handguns). But, come turkey season, it's shotgun. Dang, what kind of a demented person would put people through these kinds of choices. ;D


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Mar 2, 2008
South Central, NC
I used to have a LOT of fun with a 1927 Thompson I owned. It was almost too much fun to have in my hands. So smooth and sweet, just a joy in all regards. It was forgiving and fired any type of military ball ammo you could find LOL it's all I used. Never failed to go bang, never failed to cheer me up and make me feel like a man when I was feeling low. Heavy, solid and it felt like you could bet your life on it. It was made from solid steel milled into parts that fit together with exact precision. It was difficult to disassemble but was so well built that it didn't really need to be taken apart very often and when it did I'd just sit down and go through the entire rifle with Q tips dipped in oil. Mine had a detachable stock but I rarely took it off. Felt better and was perfectly balanced with it on.
I traded straight for two WW2 1911s. One was an Ithaca with 100% original matching serial numbers and magazine in it's original holster, the other was a Remington Rand with a newer barrel, flat mainspring housing and an adjustable rear sight. The Thompson was $900 back then, the same rifle is now over $1800.
I sold it for cash to a gun store to pay bills, I think I got $800. Sad memory, it is one of the greatest losses my collection has ever suffered and I would LOVE to have another one.

Thompson 1927-A1 Deluxe from Auto-Ordnance in West Hurley, NY. The current version that is like mine was is the T1B.
Gorgeous and well worth the money they cost. Like a Rolex or a Mercedes or a fine cigar.

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