Whites 5000D Model 2


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May 9, 2004
Lake Ozark, Missouri
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Whites 5000/D Coinmaster 2. Looks to be in pretty good shape, nothing broken or missing, paint is not all chipped up and he is asking $100.00 firm. I have a Whites 4900 DLPro that has served me very well, but I have never used the 5000. Is this a good buy for a working detector for back-up or for a friend to use. $100.00 fair price? Thanks


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Adrian SS

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Dec 7, 2008
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The 5000D series 2 is a fair detector and slightly more capable than the 4900 in that the 5000 I believe has an GEB NORM and GEB MAX. If I remember rightly the 4900 only has one GEB NORM and GEB DISC mode. 100 dollars is boarderline high but if it is in very good cosmetic condition and is working correctly then I guess it is an OK price.
Maybe others might provide some input.


Jan 11, 2012
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Some people like it because the signal is a needle type display, rather than digital. I have seen some people do well with them.

U.K. Brian

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Oct 11, 2005
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I never liked the 5000 series 2 (or 6000 series 2). I think you will find it inferior in performance to your 4900 though you do gain a meter but its not an I.D. meter so of little use.

Price is on the high side for the model and age so I would either look at another brand (to cover the weak points of the 5000 design) or look for one of the later 5000/6000 "black" models that had really moved forward in performance.

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