1. crystal indian artifact?

    This crystal/stone was found during land excavating on Long Island in NY. It is carved with facets. One side has a flower carved into it and on the opposite side is a flat facet to view it through. Anyone see anything like it?
  2. Need Help ID

    I have searched the web trying to figure out what this is and have had no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It weighs about 2-3 pounds. Pieces flake off very easily. The pieces that come off can be broken apart even further into little transparent pieces. It is very reflective...
  3. Found Quartz - what kind?

    Hi Guys! My brother and I were outside today and found this quartz buried deep in the ground. I was using my metal detector, and it seems to pick up on it. Not sure what it is or if it's worth anything.... We've been looking at pictures all day and can't identify it. Anyone have a clue? P.S...
  4. Copper drives me nuts in the Vein,, but

    It sure is PRETTY! lol Anyone else got good looking Copper ore?