1. ✅ SOLVED Unusual Italian Gold Shipping Medal. Rescuer?

    My brother and I found this in an auction lot. It’s an 18k Gold medallion / medal. I googled around for a bit and came up with a few facts: Carbonavi is part the Lolli-Ghetti family shipping empire. The ship “Mey Lolli-Ghetti” was built In 1967 in Mahgra shipping yard. The ships registries...
  2. Gold Monster 1000 registerd loud showing gold

    If anybody has any thoughts I found a 17oz rock. I broke up yesterday that registered gold on my monster 1000. In both settings here is some pictures before and after breaking it up. No visible gold seen. It looks like Pyrite to me but have not heard of pyrite setting monster 1000 off in gold...
  3. Hello My name is Barbar

    I have been researching a myth told by my grandparents. I believe I'm very close to discovering a treasure in Newton. The information most people have provided about this treasure is not actually accurate due to the changes from the 1800s to today. With the flood that would have swept away or...
  4. Morristown mines and gem stones

    Hello this is my first post here. I live in Buckeye with the white tank mountains in my back yard. I do a lot of single track dirt biking in the white tanks, and then all the mountains over by lake pleasant in Morristown. While riding in a wash in Morristown I seen a small opening in this over...
  5. Am I close to the gold?

    Hello I am new here and I done caught the gold fever. I live in the northeast ga mountains just south of Dahlonega. I have a small stream in my backyard and I have been exploring, cleaning out the trash people throw and anyways also looking for gold and diamonds and such. I’m pretty positive I...
  6. Silver at Thriftstore!

    Hello folks! It's been a long while since I've posted. Been into thrifting vintage items to re-sell. Found this spoon....does anyone knkw if its silver or silver plated?! It says "Sterling" then AMC and another letter i cant see. On the bowl of the spoon it says Clear Lake which is a poplar...
  7. 🥇 BANNER Is this 17g gold ring Freemasons or something else?

    So I haven't posted in a while, but this one rang up on my Equinox 600, and I was pretty stoked. 18k gold ring, 17g. I need some info on this, because I'm getting mixed reviews. Some say the motto "In Hoc Signo Vinces" makes it definitely Templar Masons, others say the scimitar makes it...
  8. Treasure Hunters claim to have found Nazi gold under Palace in Poland

    Also,,, Goodness:laughing7:
  9. Jim Reynolds Gang Loot

    So I’ve been researching this story thoroughly, they’re on the run with vigilantes on their tail, run around mount Logan through Geneva gulch and a horse dies, then they go to the headwaters of deer creek, see an old mine shaft and hastily bury the loot, and stabbed a knife into a dead tree to...
  10. Unknown 14k Gold Emblem Necklace

    Found this cleaning out my grandparents house. Seems to be Bangor Punta branded with a Smith & Wesson logo. It has my great grandfather's name on it but I have no clue what it is. I've searched everywhere with no luck. I'm not looking to sell it but does anyone happen to know what it is and it's...
  11. "The Lue Map and the Nazi Connection -2. Continuation of the topic."

    Greetings to all treasure hunters. I sincerely wish everyone a successful hunt in search of relics. For those who are interested in the topic of my first story, I decided to continue, in the form of a short cycle - "questions and answers". (if someone is interested in the topic, you can join a...

    We have been finding amazing things but help with maps could be great. We have found stone heads and turtles. Even heart shaped rocks. If you can really help with maps email me. [email protected]
  13. Searching for Ancient Rivers in West Africa

    This is a great article about artisanal mining in Africa and the latest technology for mapping paleochannels. It's cool to see the contrast between old and new.
  14. Take a look and tell me what you think

    I was recently in a area and found a number of rocks I had just put in my pockets at the time and just broke them up this past weekend. Have a look at the pictures and tell me if you think it is gold. My tub is 4 inches round and 5 inches deep thick with material. I think it is all loaded with...
  15. References about Gold & Hidden Treasures

    Feel free to download assorted references about hidden treasures.
  16. Bedrock detecting for Placer Gold Nuggets

    Bedrock detecting for Placer Gold Nuggets Click here for Video Me and Gary @Two Toes and Hugo head to the Hills in search of Gold Nuggets along the creek. Both Gary and Hugo are armed with there Minelab SDC 2300's and I'm using Gary's White's TDI on this trip. We dig up plenty of targets...
  17. Best Beaches in N.C. and S.C. to Metal Detect?

    Hi, I just bought the Garrett AT Max. Will you guys let me know from your experience, or even from just reading or hearing others speak of which are the best beaches from “More likely” to “Less likely” to find treasures? Thanks
  18. Blue Clay Western NY

    I have a question? Has anyone one ever located blue clay in New York state. I recently ran across some blue clay in our creek bed while panning. Western NY region. I will get a photo this week of the clay. What does it mean?
  19. 6712055B-3594-43DB-881E-B0A6B1CCE34A.jpeg


    14k secondary school class ring with diamonds. Attempting to return it.
  20. Silver 'n Gold finds!!!

    Found bits of silver and one little 14k earring for $2 in total. Question: is this worth selling at a pon shop? I know it's really small amount but if I build it up should I sell there? No one will buy mismatch earrings...maybe some like the clasp could be sold to jewelry makers. What do you think?