14k Gold Wedding Ring found while sniping!


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Aug 27, 2012
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Heya Everyone;

The ol' swimming hole did it again!

Two days ago I found a 14k White and Yellow gold men's Wedding ring!
It comes in at 5.5 grams and polished up oh so nicely. :)

This is my first precious metal ring find, I have found others but not worth anything.

Just a few feet away is where I found the Silver bear pendant a little over a month ago.

I was recording with my GoPro too when I uncovered it, but I am not done editing the video yet.
I will post it when its done. :)

I also found an odd 2" long silver rod with a spinning loop on it, its like an odd charm or part of a necklace, MAYBE part of the Bear pendant?
I don't have pics of the rod right now, but a video is coming. :)








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I did a little more research on the silver bar, it is called a Toggle Bar Clasp.
Soooo, there should be a matching necklace to this thing somewhere in the general area! :D

I did a little more research on the hallmarks, a Lion and a fancy Y.
This little beauty is from 1904!

Man, I hope I find the rest of the necklace that goes with it, at least the loop.

Thanks. :)

Congrats on your very beautiful gold ring! Worth the wait! :occasion16::wav::occasion16:

Hope you find everything else related to the bear pendant too. :icon_thumright: Have Fun! :cat: Andi

Amazing the things found in a creek/riverbed. And that's just fine but really makes you wonder what they were thinking of wearing jewelry to the boonies?? John

No kidding.
I pulled more jewelry out, a 1.5ct CZ and a 18k piercing stud with a REAL 1/4ct diamond.
The real diamond is slightly UV reactive and as far as I can see under my 60x scope, percect, but I am no jeweler.

I also pulled out a total of 3 Roosevelt Dimes, a Chinese coin, some wheat pennies and probably like $10 dollars in change.

I also added up my gold, dry and clean today. 5 days of sniping gave me 9.3 grams of gold.
That's probably only around 15 hours of time in the water. Fun times. :)

I made my Cleanup video today so that will be up shortly, along with the rest of the swimming hole series.

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Almost 50 years ago, my now sister-in-law threw her diamond engagement ring into the creek across the road from my house, my wife's brother, and she, are still married after all this time.
Amazing the things found in a creek/riverbed. And that's just fine but really makes you wonder what they were thinking of wearing jewelry to the boonies?? John

If there is bedrock there, I can find it. :D

Yeah, I am kinda crazy for sniping. :)

Your videos make my fever rage inside like a wildfire. Such good gold that it makes me think for hours then I want to buy more things. I love your vids, but I also have a hard time watching them as they are something too holy to watch. The amount you get is insane I could only dream of getting a picker. Thanks for the inspiration though.

Not crazy at all. The drought has lowered or eliminated flows and untouchable areas now open. As we swelter nothing better than floating in cool waters a mutzing and a putzing plus finding all the goodies -John

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