1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED An old key.

    Its an old rusty key, it looks like half of it is missing. i found it near a lake in nicea (Bursa, Turkiye). it has two headed bird and laurel wreath symbols in it.
  2. Help identify this stone I found

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  4. Unidified Belt buckle.jpg

    Unidified Belt buckle.jpg

    No one knows. STILL TO BE IDENTIFIED.
  5. ✅ SOLVED Help needed to identify this object

    Hi all, First of all, happy new year! Does anyone recognize this object? Found in Europe. Modern, modern-ish, (very) old, or ... ancient...?:dontknow: Material: Iron. 13,5 cm = 5.315 inches. Best regards, Kaj
  6. Found these rusty metal pieces and not sure what they are.?!

    Hi, I just started metal detecting and went to the treasure coast area of FL earlier this week. I found a bunch of what appears to be rusty metal washed up on the beach, a local said he finds this stuff near the ship wrecks and attributes the metal to the 1715 wreck. What is confusing me is when...
  7. What on earth is this?

    Hi. I know you cant make out anything on what this is. To me it looks like a rock but it beeps all around it and my magnet latches on to it all around. I cleaned it up a bit and saw some shine to it on the top. Any ideas on what is going on here?
  8. Identifying issue on coin/token

    Found this coin/token in my yard in southern wv.. Figured coal script but not so sure... maybe foriegn Any help or ?'s would be appreciated!
  9. Can someone please help me ID a few Rocks? Gems? Fossils?

    Hello every one I am new to the forum! My name is Taylor, from Marysville, Washington. I have a collection of items, I am not sure what they are. I would appreciate any info you may have.
  10. Unknown Rock, Possible Artifact

    Happened upon this rock a while back but still puzzled as to what it might be. I'm mostly a Native American artifact hunter so you can see why I just had to pick it up lol. Strange shape as if someone made it that way, and if not by some natural means there are 3 scratch/tally marks on the top...
  11. Random pieces, no ideas

    I have found these pieces of whatever it is in a couple different fields around my area. The area is riddled with roman sites but i dont know if they are from that period or what they are.
  12. Large unknown crystal / rock found in wetumpka Alabama

    I have attached a picture of a large reddish orange crystal I found at wind creek wetumpka state park in alabama, I also found some quartz crystals nearby. Anyone have any clue what type of stone or crystal this is?
  13. Yellow petrified wood looking rock?

    My dad and I have a spot we like to go to where we find a ton of Septarian Nodules as well as these yellow rocks. We can't figure out what these are, as they sort of look like wood, but they're the wrong color to be petrified wood and are fragile and like to crumble apart if you're not careful...
  14. Found odd ceramic piece today - need help identifying it!

    I was walking my dog today when I found this partially sticking out of the ground. I dug around a little and exposed more of it. It looks like some type of ceramic dish, but I have no idea what it really is. I would like to know more about it. The land I live on was used to travel from the...
  15. What is it? - unknown coin

    This coin was found in a wall of a house in America. The coin is about the same size as an Australian 50c coin. Around 30mm diameter. I have no other information about it. Please help.....
  16. ✅ SOLVED Can you identify these bullets/ bullet & pellet?

    I would like someone to help me identify these bullets/ maybe the smaller pellet either by positively identifying them or guiding me to a source where I could possibly research them myself. I am a beginner when it comes to identifying artifacts that I find from metal detecting that do not have...
  17. Turquoise maybe two types?

    Not too sure but I think one is turquoise and the other like a waxier type of turquoise??.... Lol
  18. What is this??

    I found this rock/artifact, no idea what to make of it. :icon_scratch: Any help identifying it would be greatly appreciated. A little bit about it: It looks like a rock, the checkered pattern looks like its metal plated, the blue material/mineral reacts to UV light. The survace has a V and is...
  19. Help Pottery found in wall Sandstone and wood UNKNOWN?

    Hi , This was found inside the wall of an old home. I have never seen anything like it and neither have the 2 antique dealers I have asked. Appears to be heavy oxidized wood bottom with sandstone cover. Any help on identification or age would be awesome!!! there appears to be a small copper ring...
  20. Help identify green crystals and silver luster magetic composite

    I am new to mineralogy and prospecting, and am looking for any feedback about your best guess for the components of this rock I found in New River, AZ just north of Phoenix. What tests should I perform, or should I break it up or crush it for separating any components of potential value...