1. ✅ SOLVED Metal detecting area of newly aquired home in VA

    So, Ive hunted alot now that I am in Va, as well as while fixing a door to the dirt basement came across a circle dent in my outer wall- there was a battle nearby within a few miles of my home. The age of my home I am unsure as its got many add ons to it, but it does look like it got hit by a...
  2. Help identifying please identification

    Found this while out detecting for gold and from the other people I have asked it’s an air rifle pallet? But there was others saying no and I just can’t seem to find one exactly the same so still a bit unsure lol and if it is an air rifle pallet, year etc? If not any ideas on what it could be...
  3. Wash Basin/Pitcher/Soap Dish ID

    Hello, I was curious if anyone could ID the Basin/Pitcher/Soap Dish; I believe they are a set. The third and fourth pictures are of the underside of the pitcher and basin, respectively. I was unable to find any marks on the soap dish. I am not knowledgeable about stoneware, and I appreciate any...
  4. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Please help identify!!

    Very new to rocks and crystals and was hoping someone could help me identify these! Any help is appreciated!!
  5. My girlfriend got me this rock from Norway, can anyone id it?

  6. I Need Help with Identifying Three Different Rocks

    I was searching for sparking rocks and I've found these three rocks. I've managed to start a fire with the white stone so I think it is a piece of flint, or maybe I am wrong. The other ones spark a little bit too. Can you help me with identifying them? I've found them in Turkey. It is going to...
  7. HUGE hunk of raw identifying origin

    Hey guys, so my buddy and I just picked up this giant hunk of raw copper. It weighs around 30 lbs and it's super cool looking, unlike anything I've ever seen. Unfortunately, the previous owner didn't have much of a backstory on it though. All I know is it's from the US. In my research I've found...
  8. ✅ SOLVED Old bone found along creek - what is it?

    I found this bone while walking along a creek in Missouri. I'm curious to know what bone it is and what type of animal it came from. I assume it's a leg bone because it has a socket but it seems like a awful big socket for such a short bone. It looks old but not ancient. Any ideas?
  9. What is this?

    I have a few rocks I picked up from Indian Creek near Bloomington, Indiana and I am looking for identification. I was thinking perhaps a jasper, but they are rather heavy for their size. The red on them is very dark and smooth and the yellowish brown is more gritty. They have interesting shape...
  10. Help Identify this stone tool found on the east end of Long Island, NY

    This is obviously some kind of worked and seemingly well used tool. But for what? Shallower ground side accommodates three fingers nicely. See third photo. Can be held comfortably with great force like this. Pinky finger seems to fit into a shallow depression on the back at around the...
  11. Bubbles?

    Hey there! Located in North Texas. I don't know if this is concrete bubbles, or limonite, or what. Any ideas? Thank you!
  12. Need help identifying possible tusk?

    Hello new to the forum I found this in sw Florida recently I’m not sure if it is a tusk or possibly a tooth any help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Meteorite or just a black rock?

    I am a novice rock collector and found this unique rock (?)/ meteorite (?) in Death Valley. I am unable to identify it and can’t describe it except to say that it’s very heavy, with unique ridges. The lighter part with “bubbles” would have me say that it’s not a meteorite. What do you think?
  14. Meteorite

    hello everyone, i would like to know if the rocks are meteorites, thank you.
  15. Can someone please tell me what some of these rocks are? I’d appreciate it!

    I had trouble with the images! I have a bunch more rocks I would of like to add in here as well but my partner would prob kill me it’s lair and all the fiddling around! A few where able to scratch borosilicate glass which I believe is 7. I’m a Noboa tho. I’m just obsessed with collecting rocks...
  16. Please help with identification

    Hey all, I’m new to this forum and was hoping that someone could help me identify this “artifact”. It was given to me recently and apparently it was found in a creek in Tennessee. I was told that it could potentially be a incomplete Mortar? The depression in the center definitely appears to be...
  17. Help ID'ing Bullets

    I dug these two bullets at a park in Brooklyn NY that dates back to the 17th Century. They are probably modern bullets but any info on type and approximate age would be much appreciated. They both appear to be lead filled slugs. I have never seen one like the one on the right. Was that made flat...
  18. Please, Any information on this?

    Found in Fort Wayne Indiana. Size 2 x1.25.
  19. Grandfather had a rock collection. Need help with ID of these 20 rocks

    My grandfather died before I was born so not sure how or where these were obtained. At one point they were labeled. This is only a fraction of the collection, but what I am most curious about. Thought maybe 14 was Rose quartz, and 19 was tumbled Amethyst but I'm not sure. Thank you, any IDs much...
  20. Need help with this odd ring?

    A friend of mine found this and has no interest in collecting they found it on accident and i cant find anything on it so any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for your time.