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Hello everyone! I have just about completed my mercury dime album. The 16-d is going to be a repro unless I am ever lucky enough to dig one but, what is with the 1931-d MERC? :icon_scratch: I landed a 1921 for 9.99 on ebay which was a major steel but, I cant seem to touch a 1931-D! $ 15.00-20.00! An EF-40 is only valued at $35.00 and most of what is being sold are lucky to be VG-8 . What the heck is wrong with people? My local dealers even seem to be out of them. :icon_scratch: Wish me luck on the last 3. Dam The D's lol
1. 1916-D
2. 1921-D
3. 1931-D


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May 7, 2007
Algonac Michigan
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I too am doing a merc dime book but the coins I put in it are all dug. Not one has been purchased... I have it about 1/2 full but I know the key dates will probably never be filled.

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