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Oct 24, 2004
Although my TV show A-Way Outdoors is/has been hunting and fishing on the Outdoor Channel and now the Men's Channel (Dish Network Channel 218), I am looking to promote my hobby by showing a couple of segments on Metal detectiing. If this goes over well, I will do it more often. I would first like to start by detecting at some good civil war relic sites. I would also like to do a segment on older coins, then a segment on shallow water hunting. If you know of such a place(s) and are not too camera shy, let me know. I would not reveal your hot spot, just hunt with you for a couple of days and shoot a segment. I will consider all offers. If you wish to learn more about the TV show, visit www.awayhunting.com
You can send emails to [email protected] and a cc to [email protected]
I will be at one of these computers
Thank You

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Darren in NC

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Apr 1, 2004
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At first I thought the link didn't work, but it is misspelled. That would be www.awayhunting.com :) Nice site.


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Dec 30, 2004
Round Rock, Texas
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Nice web site. Central Texas Bass Fishing in the morning and then some good ol Detecting in the afternoon. Happy Hunting, Joe


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Jan 31, 2005
Yo! Rebel here: ;D When I was younger... I was "Mr. Civil War in Virginia" (6th grade)... then i got more intrested in GIRLS! Ha! Lost interest in the War... ' til last year... KNIGHTS OF THE GOLDEN CIRCLE... CONFEDERATE UNDERGROUND... SILVER... GOLD... JEWELS... It would be great, if u can do TV show on KGC... etc... see F. Mann... he has it all... :D


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Jul 15, 2004
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Vrent said:
how about combining? a hunt from the thread in charter members board with your show...we could all be infamous, I mean famous tv peoples
I was thinking the same thing if we have one in the southeast and if we could find a good civil war area that hasn't been picked clean.Need virgin land,private land would be our best bet.There are many land-rich people in Tenn. who aren't money rich.If we all pitch in,offer them a little something in the way of the good old american dollar and obtain insurances needed for this event to take place...Maybe someone on here knows someone?We need to get this thing going.



Ya that would be awsome....a charter member civil war hunt and be on tv..my dream is coming true :D HH Jonathan

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