Ideas for recovering flour gold?

if you know where the gold is your hardest part is over. Start sluicing then pan the concentrates!!! :)

You could always bake the black sands before panning! or just throw it all in crucible and fire it up with anhydrous borax mix :D

Hi wannabe,
I use a blue bowl to get the flour gold. Go to and go to programs and watch the episode about the blue bowl. It should help you decide what you want to do.

Good Luck!

BH Prospector


All this this gold was caught using a Keene Super Concentrator. Check the super super fines that were caught.

It's up to u, everyone is different. Personally, I have yet to see any concentrator work this well. IMO. Good luck.

Or if u r cheap like me:
1. Classify your material down with a used gold metal coffee filter
2. Put a tablespoon or two of this material in a smooth bottom pan, over at one side... with some water and jet dry of course
3. Rap on the opposite side of the pan and watch the fine gold walk right out of the material

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