Still looking for gold but but TDI Beach Hunter scored some silver


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Mar 15, 2013
huntington beach ca
Detector(s) used
white's 5900 di pro, Fisher CZ20, Fisher 1280, Garrett Infinium LS, Teknetics T2 SE and Teknetics Omega 8000, Makro Multi Kruzer, Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II and Fisher CZ21, White's TDI Beach Hunter
Primary Interest:
All Treasure Hunting
I am loving the new machine. No gold yet but I've got a couple silver rings and a silver earring so far. I know the gold will follow. Today was the first day I had to run the pulse delay above 15. I got into a couple areas of black sand that were just layered with the stuff. Every swing of the coil was just 1 long waaa waaa signal sound. As soon as I pushed the pulse delay just passed 15 it's settled right down and I was still pulling pencil eraser sized pieces of aluminum 10 to 12 in deep easily. The faintest signal today was a nasty old zinc Penny on the waterline probably 15 or so inches deep. The pictures included in this thread are from the last couple of hunts at the beach.


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