What is this Bronze looking thing?


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Dec 24, 2007
Approximately 3" in diameter, the wording is "JERUSALEM" and the reverse is just flat with no relief or words. Found in dirt while gardening, it appears to be bronze. I want to say part of belt buckle but I doubt it. Note the strategic holes (under the S and at the end of the word) meaning it was attached to something? Anyone have any idea what this is?

My first thought was prayer token. But it's too big for that.

My guess is it was part of a souvenir plaque.


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Okay, the book you want is Judaic Tokens and Medals by Sylvia Haffner. Unfortunately the book may be harder to find than the medal. If you are lucky, somebody here can identify it straight off.

Chip V.

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aww comon you can tell thats a treasure key, find some architecture that looks like that in Jerusalem, that matches what on the front of that coin, line it up , look throught the little hole and thats where the treasure is :)
.........hey ya never know i mighta just watched too many movies


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OK. Here goes some detective work.

If it was made in or near Jerusalem it was for the tourist trade as it is printed in English.

Jerusalem was under British contol from 1917 and then partially under Israeli from 1947, fully under Israeli contol from 1967. So, I'd put it no earlier than 1917.

Paperweight? Bible holder opener for a preacher at the pulpit?

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