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  1. Happy Holiday Pro sell off!

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  2. A little silver and history, OKC style.

    Got out today here in OKC, with local, Justin. We went out to a few of his areas. I got a piece of silver, Justin got some really cool items. Also but not shown a WW1 button, off a coat.
  3. Trucking along! Attack of the killer bees!

  4. Apex First cornfield hunt

  5. NEW AT Pro constant falsing. HELP!!!

    Hi all. Purchased an AT Pro brand new the other day. Have been out with it three times. This morning, I went out for a few hours and left feeling very frustrated indeed. In the PRO ZERO mode, there's constant chatter. Reducing sensitivity may help slightly, but every sweep theres still at least...
  6. Coin shooting Bananza great fun AT Pro

  7. New permission & group hunt New group name

  8. Etrac

    Would you consider buying an Etrac an upgrade from an at pro?
  9. New member from to this site and Metal Detecting

    Hello all, I’m new to this world. But have always been interested.. After some research into what equipment beginners, intermediate and advanced users use and recommend. I settled on and purchased the Garrett AT Pro. I didn’t want to get something really cheap and get turned off from the whole...
  10. Hello all.

    I’m RickB1. Using an AT Pro and a GoldBugPro. New at all this. Have been detecting for about 8 years now. Joined GPAA and hope to meet ya out in the wild.
  11. Old School

  12. 🙋 WANTED ISO Garrett AT Pro Display (2012 model), or AT Pro parts machine with good display.

    WANTED: Garrett AT Pro Display (2012), or AT Pro parts machine with good display. WANTED: ISO Garrett AT Pro Display (2012 model), or AT Pro parts machine with good display. Let me know if you have either available please, and price. Thanks in advance!!
  13. Detecting the River for Civil War Relics. Many finds.

    I've been wanting to get in this particular river since I first started metal detecting but the drive is rather long. I was finally able to find the time and we ended up having a great day on the water. I was proud of my little 4hp motor too. It got us back up river (2 miles) to the boat ramp...
  14. AT Pro shaft problems that I could have prevented

    I was preparing my 3 year old AT Pro for a trip, and wanted to break it down for a suitcase. The upper shaft would not uncouple from the middle section. Even a rag and vice grips would not budge it. So I called Garrett. The Service guy ask me if I took the shaft apart after every beach and water...
  15. Interesting Stats about the Equinox 600 and 800

    I just look at the number of post for models and brands of metal detectors on this forum as of 5/20/2018 Here are the top number of posts: Minelab #1 - Equinox 5,977 #2 - CTX3030 284 and all the rest don't even come close Garrett AT Pro 152 ATA Max 258 without a doubt with this number of...
  16. Equinox 800 weight vs AT Pro

    Got my new Equinox 800 in and compared weight with AT Pro. The Equinox 800 using blue tooth weighs 1.2 lbs less than the AT Pro using the Z-Lynk wireless module and both machines using stock coils. So it is a lighter swing compared to what I was used to with the AT Pro.
  17. Find of my Life Permission Hunt in Maine!

    Have to check this video out. Got a nice permission on a farm in Maine. Madison Maine and Kelly came down to join us. What I found there just blew my mind. To think I almost did not dig it up. :headbang:
  18. 3rd hunt 2018 new site found

    Great day for hunt also think found new house site..
  19. Good Day fom Florida - but moving to WV.

    Hello all and thanks for letting me join. Recently retired computer tech that is moving to WV from Florida. I have done a small amount of detecting in the past but plan on doing a bit more now that I will have the time. Looking forward to some lively discussions on the forum !
  20. Nature trail and interesting find

    [B]Nature trail hunting after a very windy storm . Many wind blown trees down so decided to check around them. also found an interesting find that brought back memories for me and worth a little history clip..HH