metal dectecting

  1. ✅ SOLVED Kettle Point…Maybe

    Did I find a kettle point? A few people on Facebook said a sickle mower blade, but I’m not sure I agree after looking at some photos. There aren’t any holes in it. It was in the hole with a few small scraps of the same metal. I live along a river that was heavily guarded during the War of...
  2. Face up

  3. Studebaker "25" Serial # Plate

    I found this plate in a public park (WI) that's never been search and that I think was formerly a dump. I have found no old coins in this park, so it's been difficult to date, but have found lots of horse tack, harmonica reeds, and an amazing railroad lock that I believe dates to the late 1800s...
  4. Silver at Thriftstore!

    Hello folks! It's been a long while since I've posted. Been into thrifting vintage items to re-sell. Found this spoon....does anyone knkw if its silver or silver plated?! It says "Sterling" then AMC and another letter i cant see. On the bowl of the spoon it says Clear Lake which is a poplar...
  5. Tot lots with the Apex

  6. Garrett Apex & Ripper coil fantastic…

  7. Brass hook attached to what?

    I dug this today, on my property where I have found civil war bullets and buttons before. Anybody have any ideas on what it is?
  8. Looking for a Needle in a Haystack

    Looking for a Needle in a Haystack Click here for Video Have you ever lost something so small you didn't think you'd ever find it well we found it !!!!!!! Metal Detecting finds
  9. 1890 Morgan silver dollar at WW1 Camp Cody Army training camp Deming NM

    Hello All, I've been detecting here in Deming for some time now and would like to share with you some finds. I'm using an AT Pro with a small DD coil. The Morgan was sitting vertically at a depth of 10". The Morgan, V Nickel and US button were found within 3' of each other. Camp Cody named...
  10. Is this Knife old? What type of metal?

    HI! I recently found this knife, along with some old bottles, dampers, forks, shotgun shells, etc. The knife is really heavy for its size. I was able to polish up the metal blade easily with some steel wool. The handle is very solid. Cant tell if it is stone or some type of metal that has been...
  11. Bedrock detecting for Placer Gold Nuggets

    Bedrock detecting for Placer Gold Nuggets Click here for Video Me and Gary @Two Toes and Hugo head to the Hills in search of Gold Nuggets along the creek. Both Gary and Hugo are armed with there Minelab SDC 2300's and I'm using Gary's White's TDI on this trip. We dig up plenty of targets...
  12. Happy Holiday Pro sell off!

    (Deleted by mod for rule violation)
  13. Silver 'n Gold finds!!!

    Found bits of silver and one little 14k earring for $2 in total. Question: is this worth selling at a pon shop? I know it's really small amount but if I build it up should I sell there? No one will buy mismatch earrings...maybe some like the clasp could be sold to jewelry makers. What do you think?
  14. !774 permission got stood up!

  15. Chips ahoy! and Masking my disgust!


    I am desperately trying to get help to find my wedding band . Value is $750 . Accidentally pulled off and is currently sitting at the bottom of a river. 14' max depth, extremely slow to no current. i have a map with marking with the exact route i swam . also two scuba divers came out and combed...
  17. First time finding Indian pottery?

    Found by the river! i was digging a signal when i flopped a piece out and wih further digging this is all I found but I do believe its my first indian pottery :headbang::usflag: any info would be amazing!! does anyone know about the things to look for in the PNW?
  18. Northern Illinois Newbie

    Hey, all. I've perused a number of posts and have used this forum to answer a few questions that have arisen in my own searches, so thank you for that! I'm a hobby-lover, so my interests extend all over the place. Most recently, I've really gotten into metal-detecting this summer, some fossil...
  19. Spanish Era Musket Ball???

    Hey Everyone ! Brand new to the website and I’m totally stoked to be here! I’ve been metal detecting for only about 2 years now while being stationed out here in Guam. Just today I went to a favorite spot of mine at an old Spanish Fort called Fort Nuestra Senora de la Soledad, and I think I...
  20. Im new to maget fishing... any tips?

    Im new to magnet fishing... any tips? I bought a magnet that can hold up to 400 pounds. What are some good places to hunt?