metal dectecting

  1. ... one day

    Hit a new spot today... I'd say it was a good choice. Finds include a 1895 indian head penny, blue cobalt medicine bottle made in Nashville and a few nice buckles!
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED I finally dug something colonial right???

    hit up a spot behind a town hall Monday. Thought it might of been a dump at first, when i saw some broken surface glass But these are the only 2 things to come out of the small wooded area. please tell me i finally dug something from the 1700's ? i know its the smallest part of what i think it...
  3. So do i track down the living relatives?

    I had about an hour to kill after work Friday. So i tried to think of a place i could go that didn't require a long hike in the woods first. One of the first places that popped into my mind was this old house foundation right next to the road, in the town i grew up in. Local legend says there...
  4. Nailed it hats off to Garrett Apex giveaway info.

  5. LG 30 & LG 28 weight comparison

  6. Mystery item # w

  7. Old gamblers coin

  8. Legend 6” vs 9 x 6 weight review, not bad!

  9. Legend 6” vs 9x6 air test

  10. Bottle bump talk & show off your best finds

  11. Upcoming videos & channel info

  12. Stumbled upon a new site Garrett Apex

  13. Detecting for seniors

  14. ✅ SOLVED Kettle Point…Maybe

    Did I find a kettle point? A few people on Facebook said a sickle mower blade, but I’m not sure I agree after looking at some photos. There aren’t any holes in it. It was in the hole with a few small scraps of the same metal. I live along a river that was heavily guarded during the War of...
  15. Face up

  16. Studebaker "25" Serial # Plate

    I found this plate in a public park (WI) that's never been search and that I think was formerly a dump. I have found no old coins in this park, so it's been difficult to date, but have found lots of horse tack, harmonica reeds, and an amazing railroad lock that I believe dates to the late 1800s...
  17. Silver at Thriftstore!

    Hello folks! It's been a long while since I've posted. Been into thrifting vintage items to re-sell. Found this spoon....does anyone knkw if its silver or silver plated?! It says "Sterling" then AMC and another letter i cant see. On the bowl of the spoon it says Clear Lake which is a poplar...
  18. Tot lots with the Apex

  19. Garrett Apex & Ripper coil fantastic…

  20. Brass hook attached to what?

    I dug this today, on my property where I have found civil war bullets and buttons before. Anybody have any ideas on what it is?