1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED 1938 Nickel with Swastika on Jefferson’s Collar.

    Hi, I came to this site cause it seems like you guys really know what you are talking about! I was going through some old coins and I found this 1938 nickel. I don’t know much about coins and I know this symbol might have been carved into it later or it could actually represent Native...
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What is this?

    Hi, I found this piece of metal. It is magnetic and it tests extremely positive for nickel with the nickel testing solution. I thought it might be an iron nickel meteorite and I sent some pics for meteorite identification but it got rejected as meteorite, and so now I’m wondering what it could...
  3. Weird nickel

    I was just looking at some other posts and saw a beat up nickel. It reminded me that I have this weird nickel that has a blob of what I'm pretty sure is more nickel with two or three letters impressed into it.(under magnification) The material is not solder, nor do I believe it was done after...
  4. How much is this full step 1963 nickel worth?

    Please Help!
  5. Natural toning?

    Hi, can someone help me? Is this toning? You can only see the colors ifor you tilt it towards light. The pennie is a nice red color. If this is natural toning (I found them with my detector) could you sell them? If you can sell these what price should I ask?
  6. Natural toning?

    Hi, can anyone tell me if these coins are worth anything? I found them with my detector. For the nickel and quarter, the only way to see the colors is by tilting it so light shines on it. This is natural toning right? Will people buy these and if they will how much will they sell for? What about...
  7. Jefferson nickel ear has a strange hole raised rim 1963

    any ideas or comments plz
  8. First old coin after 10 years

    So I've been metal detecting for about 10 years. I've found plenty of jewelry, but only one wheat cent and no silver coins. The way I've always rationalized it to myself is that in in California we don't have dozens of colonial coppers and $5 gold pieces per square foot like the East Coast guys...
  9. Strange 1964 Nickel

    Ok this one is not mine, but was sent to me to help figure it out. So I'm asking for help since I don't have the an answer for him. It's a Jefferson Nickel that is ultra thin, weighs 1.9 grams and if you look it's thinner on one side than the other. Is it play money, a counterfeit, or an error?
  10. Do the U.S. coins (pics) have any worth/ value? Please help?

    Do these U.S. coins (pics in post) have any worth/ value? Please help?
  11. ✅ SOLVED What is a "first strike" penny?

    So this will come across as a stupid and dumb question, but i'm still learning the ropes and terms for coin hunting. Sorry! I see from time to time listings on ebay that claim the said coin is "first strike". What does this term mean????
  12. Metal detecting with my pinpointer at the park

    Today I detected the park with only my pinpointer. Pennies: 1972, 1979, 2016, 2016 Quarter: 1995 Nickel: 1964 (oldest so far) Dime: 2013 Chuck e cheese token: 2003 Junk ring
  13. What does anyone have to say about this 1941 P Nickel.

    The coin on the right is the one I found today. The 1is almost touching the 4 in the date, the star is larger, and the lettering in Liberty is not the same. I'm wondering if this may be an original stamp issue. I know the coin has been through a counting machine, or vending machine of some sort...
  14. All Finds of 2016! Ace 250

    I just upgraded from my Ace 250 to the Garrett Ace 400, so excited to go use it! That being said I bought my Ace 250 early 2016 and it was my first nice metal detector. 2016 has been my first year of serious metal detecting. Below are photos of all my finds, some of them are things I stumbled...
  15. Some Goodies and Another Mystery Item. 1683 Mass Property

    Hi friends, hope you all are well. John found some goodies the other day, including the tiniest buckle in the world, ha ha. Also a 1902 "V" nickel, a larger brass buckle, a couple of buttons, and a gorgeous pineapple decorative piece with what looks like clip on the back, as if it was worn by...
  16. 1941 S Pre War Jefferson Nickel Found!

    I bought something from a local hardware store near my house, and in my spare change was this!!
  17. 2016 P nickel bevelled rim

    Found a 2016 P nickel that does not have a full clean rim on it. Looks like some type of mistake stamping. It has a 45% angel on top and bottom of the rim.
  18. First Box With No Silver Gives Up A Gem

    Today I went through another box of nickels and was disappointed to see no silvers for the first time. However, in one of the very last rolls I was able to find a really nice 1965. Take a look... The last picture is next to a normal, average condition 1965. It's not silver, but it sure...
  19. Silver, Proof, and a Gem?

    Hey everyone, I've been doing lots of nickel hunting and I thought I would show you a few things and get a second opinion on a coin I found today. So since my last post, I've found two more war nickels- one (1943-p) very high mintage and the other (1944-d) much lower mintage. I also found my...
  20. 2002 DD D nickel

    so I have found this 2002 DD D nickel and I want to know if I should get it appraised?