1. OLD TOKEN with a MOVIE STAR on it!

    I was at the railway tracks with my new bounty hunter land ranger pro and searched where I found a 1930-40 baby carriage wheel at the tracks. I got a quarter signal. I pulled out this flat circle that I thought was trash in till I took a closer look. I saw faint words on it so I kept it and...
  2. ✅ SOLVED Does ANYBODY know what this is ? I do .

    Hello my friends . Hope everyone had a bless day . I guess you could say this is just a game on my part . I KNOW WHAT IT IS ! I just want to see how many number of people guess it right . Then I will take off the paper I put on the front and let everyone know . Hope no one minds me doing this...
  3. ✅ SOLVED What is this ? found on Battlefield

    :BangHead:This was found at the Averasboro Battlefield here in NC YEARS ago . It was private land back then , but know is state owned . It has R.R. Faison's on it . Has some detail on it also . As far as the back , well can't really see anything . Anybody got a clue ?
  4. UNFIRED BULLET, train-flattened coin, old wheel...

    Went to the train tracks today. Found a little grove of trees by an older house. Fist beep was super loud... up came this neat old wheel! Is it an old pram wheel? How old do ya think it is? There was tons of chunks of iron everywhere so I quit. But next year I'll go back with a good detector and...
  5. Old Token ID

    I found this token while metal detecting near a store's parking lot. There was an old farm from the 1800's there before the store was built. Anone out there able to tell me what it is for sure and how old it might be?
  6. can you identify this coin/token

    i have clue what this coin is, it was a quarter signal at a site that ranges from late 1700s to 1900s. It appears to be a person standing upright looking to the left on one side and all i can make on the back is seaweed?? any help would b great!!
  7. Silver and tokens

    I thought I'd share some items found today and last week. These were all recovered from a curb strip next to an old school I like to hunt. The Newfoundland 20 cent piece ( .925 ) is definitely something I didn't expect to dig! It didn't even ring up or sound like you would expect a larger silver...
  8. Arizona State Tax Token

    Looking forward to a great summer!!!!
  9. Presidential Campaign Token

    I've found this "presidential campaign token", or at least that's what I've been calling it. Not sure who is pictured on it or the time period. The 50 cent piece is shown for size comparison. Any ideas?
  10. ✅ SOLVED Need Help Indentifying this Aluminum Piece.

    OK, I am hoping someone can help me figure out what this is... It is made from aluminum and measures 1 5/16" across and has no makers marks on the back. It appears to have had something attached to it right across the middle and I was thinking a Pin like to attach it to your lapel, but that is...
  11. SHELL Instant Winner, One Dollar Coin / Token

    I was hunting some old farm land yesterday and hit a signal which I thought for sure was a quarter but out popped this guy. I must say that at first glance in the dirt, I really thought I had found a gold coin.. probably my biggest burn to date. :laughing7: These were handed out at SHELL...
  12. Grand Coulee Dam Third Power House 1974 Commemoration Token I was wondering if anyone could tell me how many of these were minted? I just bought one and wanted to find out more about it. Thanks!
  13. Good for 1 cent in trade!!!

    Found this rainelle supply company token on a permission hunt yesterday in southern West Virginia.
  14. 5 Cent Drug Store Token from Richton Mississippi

    I found this old aluminum 5 cent drug store token yesterday and am wondering where I might be able to find more information on it. It's from a drug store in Richton Mississippi and was valued at 5 cents, the name of the drug store was either Walkers or Walters as I have been unable to clean it...
  15. "The Dont Worry Club" Token

    "The Don't Worry Club" Token I found a intresting token today. I provided pictures for those interested. Of particular interest is the use of the Swastika as a symbol for good luck and the business reference "SOLARINE Metal Polish" on the reverse. If anyone has any info, I'd welcome the...

    Hey guys! Found this awesome George V metal while detecting yesterday. It is one of my best finds and the best find of 2016 so far! :headbang:
  17. ✅ SOLVED Play Money

    I found this in the yard of a really old empty house. It's very thin and I'm pretty sure it's aluminum.
  18. Virginia token

    Wow--I didn't know this thread existed until just now! I'm hoping someone can tell me something about this old store token. So far, no one I have talked to knows anything about it. Token appears to be thin copper. Thanks!
  19. Day Before Christmas: Dog Tax Tag, Token, and V Nickel Fun

    Detectorist Day Before Christmas: Dog Tax Tag, Token, and V Nickel Fun The day before Christmas and all through the park, not a creature was stirring, except…….an old fart. With a detector in hand and hope in his mind, the detectorist had visions of uncovering a find. The children emerged...
  20. Coin/flat button identification needed

    Found this in central Louisiana on my parents land and I'm not entirely sure what it is. I thought it might be a token or a flat button?