1. 🥇 BANNER W.W. Wilbur Auctioneer Slave Token

    What an epic hunt Saturday. We spent a good six hours hunting and this was the most epic unsuspected find. I knew I had a token in the field, but had no idea how rare it would be until I got home and started doing some research. 99 or less known to exist!! Amazing!! This link provides a little...
  2. Token.jpg


    Found in Georgia
  3. Cool coal token.

    Got out for half a day hunting around an old homesite that had a cellar and well. I started hunting around the rocks that supported the home. I got a good signal and dug a token with in the first 10 minutes. About a hour later after several bullets and a few mason jar tops. I stumbled across...
  4. One of my BEST days. 5 silver day!

    This was a hunt 1 month ago. 2 bucket list day for me. Same spot where I got the buttons on my previous post. This has just been an amazing spot. I am quite proud as I have taught myself to dig in heavy iron with my Equinox 800. I went to a silversmith to see if I can get the wings unfolded. She...
  5. HH Culver 1939 Token

    We’re supposed to get rain and colder temps this weekend here in Ohio. So, I hit the field again today and my front yard yesterday evening. I found 7 wheaties in my yard last night. Three were in the same hole and two of them were stuck together (pic attached). 😳 Then, today I found a 1939...
  6. Dried beef tag, ox shoe

    Found another ox shoe and a cool lucky tag from some dried beef, company was out of Boston. Established 1852
  7. Token or something else?

    Dug and posted this a couple of weeks ago on the 'what is it' forum. Hoping to get a little more love here. Diameter 25.5mm, slightly larger than a quarter. Probably made of aluminum, very light. I've be unable to determine what type of writing or script it is. There's nothing on the back. It...
  8. Need help with drayage token

    Dug this token last week on the edge of a saltwater beach. Had never heard the term drayage previously but learned some info while researching it. Unable to find any info about the company. Diameter is 35mm. Probably made of copper. I'm hoping someone on the forum may have a book with this token...
  9. Please help identify this antique coin odd looking lady with crown?

    This coin appears to be very old, it is very thin and uneven. The image is almost cartoon like which is weird to me... I can only make out some of the letters or symbols on it so I am not going to write them out as it would just be a string of random letters in not particular order. Has...
  10. Mitchell Trade Token - anyone have info?

    Found this today. Good for 1 cent in trade. Anyone ever found a token like it?
  11. German Token?

    I found what I believe to be a token (could be a coin but I doubt it) in Luxembourg. The area I found it in dates back to medieval times but has everything in between. It measures around 2 cm in diameter. I think it might be german given how similar the 20 looks compared to other german coins...
  12. "5 Burnett" Shield-Shaped Token of Some Sort

    Howdy, I found this little thing all bent up at an 1870s house. It reads "5 Burnett" on one side and the back is blank. A little bit of searching on google and a token website produced nothing but I think one of you guys will probably recognize it. Any thoughts or opinions are appreciated!
  13. Montreal British Militia Token

    Hi , I am new here, this is my first post, sorry if there are any mistakes. I found this token 3 days ago while digging along a river shore near Montreal. 30 feet further along the shore from this find there was a lot of broken pottery/ bones/ glass and rusted metal. I will be going back to the...
  14. Civil War Token

    So excited to find this AND Found on Memorial Day Weekend! So fun to find stuff but when it’s legible that’s extra cool!
  15. Found Another Token At The Old Farm Site

    I went back to the farm site in the woods where I found the token last week. I found another token about 30 feet away from where I found the other one. This One is a Bull Durham tobacco token. I also found a very old looking brass button which I don't know anything of the age. The UMC Co...
  16. German token (know any date)

    I found this German coin/token metal detecting. I would like to know a date from it. I’m assuming it came back from WW2 maybe, not sure looking for help.
  17. Identifying issue on coin/token

    Found this coin/token in my yard in southern wv.. Figured coal script but not so sure... maybe foriegn Any help or ?'s would be appreciated!
  18. My First Coin “Stash”!

    It’s been five years since I’ve last posted and boy do I have a lot of catching up to do. Quite recently, About three weeks ago I was detecting parking strips in a somewhat old area of Austin during late afternoon. I was approached by guy that wanted me to come and see what I could find in...
  19. First silver of 2020 and some other cool stuff

    For only being my second hunt of the year, I'm pretty happy with the results. Would have liked some older silver, but I don't mind ol' Rosie. Also, I have cleaned up these finds since these photos were taken, just too lazy to take more pictures.
  20. ✅ SOLVED Help to identify symbol on this token

    Hello treasure hunters, first time posting here. I really need help to identify this token, it looks like indian or spartan-like head profile with seven stars around it. First time i see that kind of head profile on finds in Eastern Europe.