1. ✅ SOLVED Chinese token??

    Found this yesterday. It's a silver color and is the same on both sides. Any clue?
  2. ID please - Moores Studio Altus Oklahoma

    ID please - Moore's Studio Altus Oklahoma Found this in Lewisville Texas today. I see it's listed here but not much info is given. Looking for date and value would be nice. Thanks! ONE ON A CASH PURCHASE / OF / $10.00 / OR OVER / MOORE'S / STUDIO / BETTER / PHOTOGRAPH'S / ALTUS (TC-52735)...
  3. Great day with the CTX 17" coil. 22 Weak D?

    Found several coins, tokens, tags, and rings. Have a look. No rare date wheats. 2x1909 (no s or vdb) 1890 seated dime. 1886, 1897, and 1899 Indians. 1922 weak D!
  4. Strange old token, holed? plugged? what is going on here?

    Just out of the ground today. I have many questions about this little guy. Is it old or rare? Is it supposed to have a hole? Was it plugged like some coins I have seen or was it supposed to look like this? Does anybody know? I sincerely appreciate your help.
  5. Louisiana Token

    My son and I discovered this while detecting in our front yard this weekend, a Louisiana Luxury Tax Token. Pretty cool!
  6. Old Token and Some Coins

    I'm very new to metal detecting and just did my first beach yesterday. It was a small swimming pond that had been dug to build an interstate. I didn't think it was too old but found a dateless buffalo nickel and a 5 peso mexican coin from 1980 which was weird because I live in a northeastern...
  7. ✅ SOLVED What in the world is this?

    I don't know if this is a coin or a token in the first photo, you can see the back in the third photograph. The item in the fourth and fifth photo, I have no idea what it may be from. If you have any info on any of the items I sure would appreciate it! Thanks! Cindy