Dowsing Help Wanted for gold bars and/or coins


Jan 22, 2014
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All Treasure Hunting
Dowsing Help Wanted for silver or gold bars, coins or jewelry.

Hi Ho! I've been practicing dowsing with my homemade L-Rods for about a year. I use a rose Quartz pendulum as well.
I typically use them to find my lost keys or remote control or the wayward book in my home. Now I want to venture out in my local area.
There are many Civil War points of interest in this area and I've read stories of possible Civil War cache in these parts.
I am interested in any and all gold and or silver bars or coins regardless of Civil War connection obviously. I have already got hits for some, but I want to triangulate with your help because I am reluctant to just go trekking out there without double checking with other dowsers. I have a cheap metal detector. Feel free to try your hand at dowsing these pics. If I find any cache from the tips I receive here I will definitely respect the law of karma and compensate the collaborator very well. -RadarHunt :treasurechest:
You can click on this link to view both pictures at once in a published DOCs page if you can't see pics here.

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Yes, thanks for having a look.
Let me know if you need more.
a bit closer...
more vertical...

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Thanks for taking a look Art. Here's a wide zoom, let me know if I should zoom more.


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I will go out there today and look around for a marked tree and look for a natural cave.
Not sure my cheap metal detector will pick up 2'. But I will play with the LRods and see if I get a reading.
I'm not schooled on treasure symbols. Need to add that to my toolbox.
Thanks for the time. I'll be back on if I find anything of interest.
This is a walking trail now so there'll be muggles out walking dogs.
Should be interesting.

Marked trees can have many types of markings. Some are craved, some have the limbs bent in odd ways and some have objects growing into the vees on the limbs. Heck. I found one that had a ships bell hanging in it..Art

Was too cold the day I went out scouting. Couldn't even feel my fingers. I'll wait til it warms up a bit and try again. I did see an old rope tied around a young pine. There's new pine and old tall hardwoods. Will look for those oddities. Thanks.

Whom ever buried most of the treasures intended to return and get them. It stands to reason that they would leave some kind of visual clues...Art

hey Radar do you use reg steel rods or do you use copper or brass rods?? I use steel rods they seem to work pretty good.

Just use a close hanger with straws. Need to purchase a professional grade soon I guess. I saw someone Amazon that are detachable. Hopefully I'll have a good set by the time it warms up.

get you some brass brazen rods they work great. I dont use handles as that seems to take away from movement
for me

I am with you cooper... I use 3/16 Brass rods. I like the heavy rods with no handle....I don’t buy what I can make..Art

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