New Plaque On Oak Island


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Jun 1, 2012
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Garrett ADS-7X, Fisher Two Box M-Scope, Mother Lode Locator, Dowsing Model 20 Electroscope, White's TM808, White's TM900, Inground Scanners
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All Treasure Hunting
A new plaque was placed on Oak Island today by Scott Barlow. The passing of Chris Donah, an astronomer that appeared on at least two of "The Curse of Oak Island Shows" and contributed a lot with his knowledge of Astronomy. There were 36 of us members in the "Oak Island Astroastronomy Group" My name is among those 36. Here is the Plaque and the Letter of recognition.
Chris Donah Astroastronomy Club.jpg
Chris Donah Astroastronomy Club2.jpg
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