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I found this picture of Blossom as a "Wee Lass"

I understand you doing so, but your husband also putting on big girl pants 😕
I guess its better than small ones that wouldn't fit properly though 🙂👍
Yeh i would wear high heels if i could find size 15's.... and if i wanted to dress like a chicka..... What the?????!!!!!!!:laughing7:

Is what Cockneys speak actually considered English or a totally different language???
I would ask a cockney accented (incorrect?) person but probably couldn't understand them! :laughing7:

Good morning everyone. I hope all are well this Monday morning.

I was outside with a couple of my brothers tending to the barbecue grill yesterday. Fortunately, we have it under a small metal gazebo thing, because we heard something hit the roof. It was a little pellet of hail. Then another, then another, and they kept getting faster and bigger, until after a few seconds it was raining baseball sized hail. I was glad for the gazebo, but it was incredibly loud and scary hearing the hail hit it, and watching it crater into the ground around it. Fortunately it didn't last too long, and I guess we actually got off easy compared to some places. No serious damage to anything here, but other areas lost power, had tornadoes, and even some fatalities.

Here's some of the hailstones, including one in my hand. I retrieved that one about half an hour after the storm passed through. So it had already melted some, but it's still baseball sized (I have pretty big hands). Probably the biggest hail I've ever seen.

IMG_4762.jpeg IMG_4771.jpeg

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