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:coffee2:Monday morning folks! Have a great day.

Good morning everyone.

One of the turkeys that vists the yard brought some new visitors yesterday.

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Now you little peeps over here is the berry bush, and over there I show you where the tomatoes are turning into a morning treat. :laughing7:

My turkey hen seems to be minding her beak manners in the garden/berry patch so far. I haven't detected any damage as of yet.
Seems she's just pecking around for seeds and bugs which is ok-for now.
Every time I go to the patch there she is walking around.

Afternoon Pirates!! Another wet/cold/sunny summer day here!! Mr Woo decided it was a bath day 😍… he is a stinker only takes a bagh about every 10 days!! 😍 xx

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History stated most trappers/pioneers took a bath spring and the fall.
So that makes him a clean little fella.

Mornin all.
Over24 hrs lost from a screaming headache and vertigo.
That wrecks the stomach too ; so...
Tomorrow will be better.
Best wishes. I had vertigo induced by conflicting medications a few years back. It came and went for a long time until solved. I hope you get quicker results.🤞

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