what is this found in southern ohio(skinner????)


Dec 12, 2013
west portsmouth, ohio
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Nice celt artifact find. I find some of that material over here in Adams Co. Portsmouth is artifact rich and was better in the day!!

hey hey sham-welcome to the tnet forum

image #1 and the last one those flakes that came off in the center is very different
is there any one out there that knows why?
please don't misunderstand me i am not questioning the piece...........just sayin' that's all


Now this is just my opinion but from what I see.. It was chipped into shape and put to use rather quickly after giving it a bit edge... and most of the polish especially towards the bit is from use.
I wouldn't call this a ground stone celt... rather a chipped one

I think it is a thumb/finger hold Larson. I have a couple of cores of this material at the cabin rock garden. I think these artifacts are made of the same material. That celt has a lot of polish/use.


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Its a hematite celt ,nice find.

That's a nice celt and JMO that the polish looks like they where going to make a polished celt. The reason I say that is there is polish toward the end and middle and not any hammer marks on the end. There should be hammer marks to have that much polish form wear. I may be wrong, but it is a real fine celt:icon_thumleft:

Great hematite celt,
Super Ohio find, thanks for sharing it...

Nice Celt I think they were made to b used hafted and by hand kind of a multi purpose piece

I don't think it's Hematite. It looks like a nice Flint Celt made from some high quality black Flint, possibly Zaleski.

It looks very similar to this one that is from Greenup county, Ky. Mine isn't as nice as yours though.

I also live it Scioto county in Wheelersburg.


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I agree with grim it's a higher quality chert or flint

Welcome to the forum that we call home. Thats a nice looking Celt. Im still looking for one and thanks for the view of it, rock

Scioto County is a killer place for artifacts! I found a cache of 13 Adena Blades there right in Portsmouth on a construction site back in the 70's.

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