1. River Rock Finds - Identification Help?

    Found these two rocks today! This first one is just a normale quartz rock but I thought the way to quartz looked was really neat. It reminds me of a black & white tree frond. And on the other side is a swirl pattern. But the coolest find was this one! It looks to have an extremely clear white...
  2. Beach Rock ID... Save me from myself!

    Please help! A year ago I moved to Maine because I love beachcombing for seaglass. However, now I find myself obsessed with rocks, and I can’t stop bringing them home. Unfortunately I know little about them. I have read online, and looked at pictures and I’m just not getting the answers I...
  3. Found this in Sandwich, MA on the beach. Anyone recognize?

    I’ve searched beaches all along the south shire and never seen a rock like this. Anyone know what it is? It’s mint colored.
  4. Silver in Quartz??? Found it on the side of the railroad tracks!

    What kind of mineral is the slate part??
  5. What is this rock?

    Hi everyone, I was digging up my back yard and found quite a large rock (within a meter of digging) which looked a bit like a meteorite or some valuable rock like quartz. I'm really unsure, it doesn't have magnetic power but it has, what looks like 3 layers: a previous core, simple rock and then...
  6. Some odd crystals I just can't figure out.

    I've been tyring to figure out what these are for the longest time but I just can't seem to crack the case. Sorry for the bad picture my camera is not very good. The first one on the left is solid smooth black with veins of blue quartz looking rock running through out it my best guest is some...
  7. Petrified Agate?

    Any thoughts on what this might be? It was found in the arizona desert...
  8. What is this rock?

    My son found it at his school. We live in Brewer, Maine.
  9. Some Gold in Quartz Rock I found??

    I just picked up a rock near my house and I wonder could it be gold in quartz?? I already know what pyrite/fools gold looks like because the color is kind of light gold brownish I think.
  10. Fossil, Geode or both?

    I found this a while ago. I believe it is a geode and a fossil. Within the rib, there is crystal the looks quartz to me and at the top of the stone, looks like there may be bone. I would appreciate any and all thoughts
  11. Quartz with Pink Vein

    Found this little beauty many years ago while 4 wheeling a ridge here in North Georgia where erosion exposed much of the hillside. Any terminology on the style of this point would be much appreciated!!
  12. Construction Site Crystal!

    A new college has just been built on untouched Texas land. While exploring it I noticed they were dumping large left-over rocks as pathways in the parking lot. I decided to take a closer look at some of them and came across a lovely crystal of some sort. I have taken in the possibility that...
  13. Today's finds Blades/spears?, Waratan, Piscataway?

    Today's finds Blades/spears? + Waratan, Piscataway possibly? Any input would be great.
  14. Lecroy point?

    Found this today along the Nottoway river in VA...Lecroy?
  15. Drill,Knife & Quartz knife tip

    Hello, :hello: I got out in my favorite creek today & on the walk to it I found what I thought was a flint chip with mud on it so I picked it up (thank goodness!), when I got home & washed it off I got a very nice surprise! :headbang: A quartz knife tip ( & just to let you know in this SMALL...
  16. Whats in my conglomerate?

    I found this thing a couple a miles south east of Wickenburg, AZ, seems a bit heavy for its size. Has a number of small quartz crystals, some green about the size of pencil lead, Variegated brown about the size of pencil erasers. Thanx for any info....... OldNSloe

    Need help finding out exactly what this is!!!! Any photo of same or similar would help!!! Or a link to a sit that can help would be great!!!!! Thanks
  18. PLEASE HELP ME!!!! What is this, BLUE QUARTZ?

    Please help is you can!!!! I know the white vein is quartz, but is the blue quartz as well? I am new... Thanks in advance!!!!
  19. PLEASE HELP ME!!! What is this????

    Hi, I am driving myself crazy trim to find out what this is. Its seems to be blue quartz, with a crystal white quartz vein but I have no idea and would love some help and like to hear your input. Thanks in advance!!!!!!!
  20. New Finds Need Help With Identification

    Anyone have any clues as to what these could be...found in south central pa. Greatly Appreciate opinions.