P.I. metal detector recommendations


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Jun 26, 2022
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Whites DFX, Whites V3I
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Metal Detecting
I'm curious if any of you professionals out there are using a P.I detector for coin & relic hunting. I'd like to hear some thoughts from you guys that are. Are there P.I. detectors that show whether your digging iron or non-ferrous. I take it P.I. machines have no discrimination. I plan to maybe gold hunt at some point if I decide to acquire a P.I. machine. Thanks everyone.


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Nov 10, 2017
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DBP2010, eeTH, tx850
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All Treasure Hunting
You bet. Not for coins but definatley for relics. My detector finds large target at 4m no VLF can touch that. Some PIs can discriminate iron from other metals but usualy not at high depth. High depths will disable you from casual by chance detecting, like most detectorists do, you will be forced to do the thorous resarch first.

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