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May 9, 2012
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It's the only way Bill-buy it and get rid of the party holding the note.

Yet so many in this world just do the cookie cutter good sheep model of financing.
Gee it's great 5 yr mortgage on a 30/40yr amortization

Gee it's a great 5 yr mortgage on a 30/40 yr amortization
Hey nothing moved-I still owe nearly the same?

Well you just are basically paying off the interest
Let me see here if I can do, er, click, eh click de click, um click
Well how about this, I can increase your line of credit, and C/C
Do sort of a consolidation of the CC, auto.
And set you up in one of new saving plans with free cheques
Now the base free for this is great $xx.xx per month

Yup a 5% increase in rates would finish off a whole bunch, 10% would make a whole lot more run for cover.
This where the toys at the end of the driveway appear.
15% would be a jingle mail event (for the younger members - it's where hte keys get mailed back to the lenders.

My brother got a 22% rate on his house in the early 80's.

Been a good year that is winding down fairly quick for folks that carried thier low mortgage loan rates in favor of putting money elsewhere to make interest. (Minus the mortgage rates interest.)

Not my cup of tea.
I gamble what I can afford to lose.

Yes it took time to pay off the mortgage.
I sleep without worrying about how much I could have maybe made by not getting out of debt.
Now where does the money go that would have been paying my mortgage payments and interest?

Not like I have a lot.
But am half tempted to sweep all interest earned into a single account , to earn interest on.
Even if low interest , it would be interest earning interest.
Which in my conservative opinion beats paying interest if I don't need to.

Understood , folks starting out should establish credit.
A new set of tires on a tire company card paid off without paying any penalties for example. On the way to a credit card used wisely. Like banked for an emergency on the road that leads to a repair shop or something. But to be paid off in a timely fashion.

bill from lachine

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Oct 30, 2011
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Being a hoarder of sorts came across these mint Morgan dollars in a box in the closet. Not the best picture to much glare but you get the idea.



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Feb 3, 2009
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I see some stuff at the supermarkets are getting a bit scarce on some of the shelves. Must be some hoarders out there.

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The truckers are revolting, the mandating of certain folks can't go to a box store.
It's slippery road that is being shown.
I hope they shut the key off, really.


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Feb 23, 2019
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I see some stuff at the supermarkets are getting a bit scarce on some of the shelves. Must be some hoarders out there.

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I think I might be one of those hoarders ! I work in a paper mill & a couple times a year employees can buy cases of product very cheap.
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