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I shouldn't discuss it.
Took a picture of the Adena lithic. (No it is not a coin.) Guess what? No picture on my camera.
Now I'm not back to what might laughably be called normal.
But something told me to leave it alone.
However it was in a box of coins. Varied coins and varied provenance among them from Dads estate.

Here's where greater discretion comes in lest I insult a sibling.
Coins were divvied. In the process , coins were liberated from varied isolations allowing provenance or just to keep them from entering a generalized group.
Someone other than myself suggested a particular coin wasn't in any lot outside mine.( I haven't been up to looking the entire lot over.) So of course I squinted and looked for particular coin. Which wasn't in my lot or my possession.
I notified sibling texting me about it that it wasn't here the other night ; and have not had a reply since.
Which is interesting as we get along great and it's just a coin at the end of the day vs our relationship.

I will be packing a flask of coffee.. i always fear i will doze off in the afternoon if the room is warm nd the seats are comfy… 😳 xx
Now now!
It's about old coins!
You'll be perched on the edge of your seat furiously scribbling notes..anticipting yet more and better data and research by the hour. After Hour! After hour. afffftteerrrrhhhooouuuurrrrrrr.

I'm a bricklayer. Caveman trade & were dying off. I retire next month if all goes to plan. That is excellent carpentry work & OV's cabins are wonderful. These are a few of my recent projects & my fireplace. View attachment 2144245View attachment 2144246View attachment 2144247View attachment 2144248
Man that’s some beautiful work! Id love to have that fireplace in my back patio.

I spent one summer as a hod carrier. I was young and the guy I was working for was really good at missing paychecks, otherwise I might have done it longer.. Damn hard work. Not many sissies in the masonry trade.

Basset waddle, hmmm?

You've done a bunch of real great looking work there.
The sliding track door system is going to be done on one of the closets downstairs.
Have the track, hangers, just a style of door. (Linens/towels so some air needs to happen as well.)

I certainly won't be sharing these pictures with the Mrs as it will be a statement of.
"I really like that maybe we could do that......" :laughing7:

Then comes the 1 hour explanation what we would have to do, to undo, and redo, to do that.

Then comes the reply: "Why do make thing sound so difficult?" :laughing7:
Aaaah yes. I build a ton of stuff from pictures anymore. It’s a mixed bag.

I need a sawmill in the worse way.
I have considered this as well. However, my wife is nuts about live edge slab furniture, so I fear that if I actually had a sawmill, my project list would expand exponentially.

Sawmill? Sure, bring your large projects to Oregon!!

View attachment 2144338
Dang. That’s quite the machine.

About 7 years ago I built a slabbing mill. 21hp Honda engine, a 86” wide Cannon bar. All set on a track, four corner legs with 1/2” spaced holes for pins. A small ATV wench to raise and lower the cutting head.

It was a beast. I sold it about the time the slab market started to dip. The fella I sold it to called me about a year later and asked me to build another. I guess he sold it after about 6 months to upgrade to a Lucas mill and hated it. The guy he sold it to wouldn’t let it go.

I can’t seem to find any pictures of it. ‘Twas a wood eating machine. If memory serves I could cut up to 76-78” wide.

we're nearing the 5" mark of rain for April and still a ways to go. Just .45" since midnight so everything is wet, and soggy looking.
Tree buds are getting fatter looking.
Black flies were saying hello yesterday already.
Other blood sucking things are well set up for the season.
Frost next Wednesday so maybe that will knock a few out.
Looks like a day of inside sanding and clean up.

gnight folks!

I have considered this as well. However, my wife is nuts about live edge slab furniture, so I fear that if I actually had a sawmill, my project list would expand exponentially.
Good morning wood and brick workers!
I bought a Logosol chainsaw mill and a Stihl 660 magnum with 24” and 36” bars about 20 yrs ago. I mainly used it to slab walnut for gunstocks. We lost 2 ash trees last yr and we took down a huge messy pecan tree. I slabbed them all and have a barn full of wood. I never made much dimensional lumber on it but it is capable of it. No regrets at all and would buy it again.

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