1. Large iron piece found in a creek. Any ideas what it would be from?

    Seems to have some flowers imprinted in this iron piece. Size is about 8x6 inches. Equipment: Teknetics Eurotek Pro / Garrett Pro Pointer
  2. Cannon Swivel?

    found this item and 2 other iron pieces encrusted in about 2-3 inches of coral. I'd like to know what it came from as there are no documented wrecks near where i found these items. thanks
  3. Iron Ball, Hollow w/ Something Inside

    I was digging in my flowerbed and came upon an iron ball with something inside. I see no seam and there are a few small specs of green that look like the original coating. It is just a little bigger than a golfball. There is what looks to be a faint design and number or word, but I can't make it...
  4. Still Cast Iron Bank

    This was from my father's childhood items. He was born in 1923. It looks like it is original but I need help identifying it. I've seen many "original" General Pershing banks but they don't look like this one. Inside you can see how filthy it is. I haven't even wiped it off anywhere so its...
  5. Forged Square-Pointed Iron Rods

    Two similar metal roads have been turned up several months apart on the same property which has been in use since the 1850s. The first was found in the ground near an old building and the other in shallow water which resulted in it being heavily encrusted. Both appear to be made of iron...
  6. ✅ SOLVED Early Logging Tools?

    I live on a hillside that was logged in the early 1900s. These finds are from various spots on the hillside, and I need help figuring out exactly what they are. The spikes look to be blacksmith made, and the one on the far left was found in a stream, which explains why it's in such great shape...
  7. Iron Preservation Question

    The condition of this anchor shackle has degraded considerably in the ~2 weeks its been out of the ocean. Whats the best way to preserve it? I am not opposed to a long term chemical treatment if that's the best way to go.
  8. ✅ SOLVED Relic Identification Help Needed.

    I found these iron relics in two different nearby streams. Both streams are next to railroads, and both had Civil War troop movement in the area. The backs appear no different than what is show in the image. Thanks in advance!
  9. Help! What is this strange Iron Hook Thing?

    Hello all, I just pulled this out of my electrolysis bucket. I originally dug it under a house in Downtown Charleston. I was wondering if anyone had any clue as to what it is? I have found buttons from the 1790s, to stuff from the 1890's. Thanks!
  10. Honeymooner Accidental Gold Prospectors in the California Mother Lode

    Hello Treasure Hunters! Moved this thread to the Gold Prospectors forum--sorry, I'm new and I didn't see it beforehand. Best Regards, Melissa, in California
  11. strange necklace.

    I was detecting in the same woods that produced a colonial flat button, and found a necklace with a style that I have never seen. On Google I could not find a single necklace with that style. Right now I really want to know about the necklace. The main part of the necklace is fairly heavy and...
  12. ✅ SOLVED Iron Town Sign? Dated: February 4, 1896

    Found this up on a hill where I've found some late 19th century stuff. It's some kind of iron piece that's been broken that has the date "FEBRUARY 4,1896" written below a few letters at the top to the best of my knowledge,looks like "IVEROHI". It could also be 2 words "IVE Road" (which makes a...
  13. Have you ever been iffy on digging or about to give up and then you get a great find?

    Have you ever been iffy on digging or about to give up and then you get a great find? I know it's happened to me. Tell us a story of when it happened to you (if it happened to you). Here are times it happened to me. I was in the woods of a school from the 1950s that I mainly detect because it...
  14. Revolutionary War half a cannon ball!

    Revolutionary War cannonball shell! I found this sticking out of the ground in the woods. It is a cannonball shell from the Revolutionary War. I had know idea what it was up until today while I was looking up cannon ball pictures on the internet. Also I think it is from the Revolutionary War...
  15. Identify this axe-head please

    Hi,I found this iron axe head the other day about 4'' down,near an iron age fort site.I dont think its iron age,but could anyone tell me roughly how old it is? Thanks
  16. Meteor Find While Metal Detecting?

    Hi so me and a friend were metal detecting out in a field when i cam across this rock it was going crazy it rang up from a 88 to a 163 on my metal detector.... He had found a ring so we split ring for him weird rock for me.. i have no idea what it is though it is flat but its made of layers...
  17. My first buckle!

  18. Projectile???

    I bought this iron item at a local estate sale today. I was HOPING it was some sort of Civil War (or other) projectile, but I'm really not sure. I would love to hear from you regarding this piece, which weighs in right at five pounds. Thanks so much! Jack.
  19. If you found a pile of rusty iron objects....

    If you found a pile of rusted iron objects detecting,would you take the time to try and identify and clean them,or just dump the lot??:happysmiley:
  20. Questionable Meteorite? (Pictures)

    One day while walking in the woods, I found a rock embedded in the ground. It seems to have what might be regmaglyphs on it as well as a semi-glossy coating which could be the fusion crust (Picture 1). After a few hours of internet research I finally gave up and nearly a year later I decided to...