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Mornin' y'all.
This record setting rain has produced some rare events. Westbound lanes of nearby major highway closed for first time due to sinkhole. I pity the folks that need the road to commute to work. Once westbound lanes are reopened, eastbound lanes with the shut and repair on that side will start. Pic shows traffic diverted onto side street.

I just realized an unfair trick in treasure hunting. Here in the keys we have something similar to a feeder for hunting animals. The current attraction is an American flag that marks the center of an off shore sand bar hang out. This popular swimming hang out attracts boaters from around the world. The crowds can range from family picnics, locals chilling, or a downright Mardi gra atmosphere!! Well the American flag spot has become the center of activity and a famous photo op spot for social media. Activities in the water around the flag have made it the most crowded spot and the most popular. Crowds of people lounge in the water around the flag and a food boat attracts even more crowd !! Like deer to a feeder the people come to the flag !! I get there early, and there is new gold and silver jewelry there each week. It's an artificial hot spot created by an attraction in waist deep low tide it can be dry in the spring tides of March. This spot Is 1 mile out to sea, and can only be reached by boat !!

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