1. ✅ SOLVED WW1 Brass object found on U.S. artillery range

    Any idea what this is? Brass found on a WW1 artillery range. The part of the range solders fired from. Not down range. It?s exactly 3? in length.
  2. Is it real...or homemade?? What's it worth?

  3. ID help on early brass angry horse head

    this was found with other early rev war items ... any one know what it is?
  4. ID help on early brass horse

    found with other colonial artifacts going back to 1700s some military ... any one ever seen this before or know anything about it? thanks in advance
  5. Mystery token secrets revealed!

    I previously posted about a very thin brass token I found at a stone house that dates back to the Civil War. I was frustrated by my inability to determine what the faint cursive inscription said on the back since that is what I enjoy most about this hobby - namely, allowing the artifacts to...
  6. Heavy brass rectangle with "MS" cut into it

    Hello, I posted this item I found yesterday on Todays Finds, but except for a very kind Professor of Engineering, I have gotten no responses. I do not blame anyone because this is a tough I.D,. but I thought maybe by moving it here someone may recognize it. The item is 3" by 1 3/8" and...
  7. Last find before pinpointed broke: milk thermometer?

    Last find before pinpointer broke: milk thermometer? So I pulled this brass thermometer plate from my front yard just now and was surprised to see that it goes from -30 to 270 degrees. That’s quite a spectrum! But then I noticed the etchings on the temps: 32 Freezing; 62 churning; 86 for...
  8. Looking for More Information: button, buckle, gun plate?, pewter thing

    Hello All, These are recent finds from the past few weeks and were all found in the same basic neighborhood of what appear to be colonial farms here in Southeastern CT. We are looking to get some opinions on what we think we see and some identifications. First, we have this pewter button...
  9. Odd Looking Handle?

    I found both of these items on separate occasions in the same general area. When I found the first one I didn't think much of it but after finding the second I got curious. Found in Luxembourg in an area that has produced stuff from the 1600s up to modern times. Made of brass or copper except...
  10. Old Ford ? Gas / radiator cap?

    Found an old farm which last existed around 1980. It is remarkably thin and brittle. It looks like it’s made of copper or brass. Very interested in what any of you experts out there think what this thing specifically is.
  11. Cow head inside laurel wreath, circular brass insignia? Any clues?

    I found this circular brass relic near a civil war encampment that is also a farm. I wonder if it is a livestock medallion- like something you would hand someone at a 4-H competition? Anyone have any idea what this might be? Just not sure what to make of it?
  12. ✅ SOLVED Part of brass clinometer? Surveying quadrant?

    Greetings friends. I found this big ol chunk of brass (solid) while digging behind a real old plantation house in Athens Ga. It has ridges along the inside of the curve, and looks to have once been parabolic, but has seen better days. Solid brass makes me think military or surveying instrument...
  13. Sterling Buckle

    I recovered this Sterling Buckle in on 12.15.2019 in Lamar County, Mississippi, and wanted to know if anyone had any idea of approximately what year it was made and who it was made by. Other than the "sterling" mark on it, I can find no other marks of any kind.
  14. Nat'l Tube Co? Found an 1864 IHP at the property so I'm very curious, what is it?

    As far as I can tell it has this: B. ? Co. -ORD ? A .NAT'L . TUBE CO And I believe its brass, it was folded so that the letters were backwards, I tried to unfold it and.. it broke.
  15. Could This Have Gone on a Gun?

    Found this recently near a cellar hole along a local hiking trail about three miles in. The trail apparently follows an old dead road. It appears to be cast brass and when found was stuffed with what appeared to be cotton fibers. The hollow tube is flared at one end. There is a triangular notch...
  16. Brass escutcheon from late 1700's/early 1800's site, oval with 2 holes

    Hi all, I didn't post this in the Whatzits forum because I am about 90% sure that this brass escutcheon that I found is from the Revolutionary War period or maybe less than 3 or 4 decades later. I found this oval brass escutcheon with two holes in it from a site in SWPA where I've been...
  17. Revolutionary Dandy button/ Tombac button?

    Hello I believe I have found either a Dandy or Tombac button. I believe it’s Brass. It has an intact shank on the back. If anyone has input on the age , please let me know. Thank you
  18. Need help to ID..

    Good morning, found this brass relic yesterday at a very old cellar hole site. The site dates back to early 1800's as per old maps and history of area. The cellar hole is a depression in ground, and has stones, fallen chimney stack, etc. I could not stay long to dig at site but I was lucky...
  19. ✅ SOLVED Ornate Brass Relic I Found on Historic Home Site Near Other Civil War Era Relics

    I've been detecting a large home site (several acres) for a few days now, and found several hundred coins (old mason jar buried in the ground), a .69 caliber round ball unfired, and a Civil War Union Officers Sword Plate. But several feet from the sword plate I found this very interesting ornate...
  20. Round disc with letters, symbols

    Steve and I went to a neat old stone chimney site today. The land looked pristine--never been detected to our knowledge, and our mouths were watering as we turned on our detectors. Three hours later we had a nice collection of shotgun shell brass, fruit jar lids, small bits of lead, and not...