1. Finial or Knob?

    Before I knocked the dirt off this little brass piece, I had hope that it could possibly be a finial from a union cartridge box. After cleaning and digging some of the rust out of the gap, I see no evidence of leather. Does anyone recognize this piece? Or possibly provide suggestions what...
  2. WW2 Ammo

    Some ammo from WW2, .50 cal shells. 2 from st louis stamped in 43 and 1 stamped CL also from 43. 5.56 round same origin and year. Lucky enough to find the slug from one of the .50's a incendiary round. And to top it off a strip clip
  3. Small Great Seal Button Maybe???

    I recovered this small button on October 30th, 2018 in Copiah County, Mississippi... My initial thought was a small Great Seal Button, but I have been unable to find any supporting pictures online. At the top where the stars are in the circle on Great Seal Buttons, this one has 3 other marks...
  4. Tibetan Brass Double Dorje Vajra

    Tibetan Brass Double Dorje Vajra. Does this seem accurate?
  5. Magnet fishing finds 100% solid brass!

    As I do apologize this is a metal detecting But I couldn’t find the section of the magnet fishing again for some reason as I’m still kind a new to this But regardless check out this really nice piece of history I found I couldn’t believe it! it’s treasure to me As I have never found this before...
  6. What is this object? Is it old??

    Is this object part of a chair maybe a old one or something??
  7. Estate Sale Find Pr. Of Brass Iron Shaped Objects

    Hi Everyone! My Uncle found this pair of Brass Iron Shaped Objects at an estate sale in Tulsa, OK. and we can’t figure out what they are. They have handles that fit your hand really good. They look like some kind of clothes irons but they are too rough on the bottom and would snag clothes...
  8. Pearl Grandfather Clock - What is it / what's it worth?

    Hey all - First-time poster! I have this mint- condition Pearl Grandfather clock that I'm trying to confirm the value of as accurately as possible. Pictures below, here are additional details: Condition: Used, very good / mint Authenticity: All original owner's manuals, service records, and...
  9. Brass plate

    December 2017 - It was 8am when I drove to the recycling center to drop off some aluminum scrap. After unloading I asked to walk around maybe to find a valuable scrap item and I happen to find this. I was told it was made of complete brass and they were going to place it in a presser in an hour...
  10. ✅ SOLVED Solid Brass - 2.25" in diameter at base

    I found this a couple of weeks ago at a location where my detecting buddy and I have found many pieces of iron and brass pieces of horse tack, buckles and other items. The site is not mentioned in any of our local history books and no one seems to know the reason why so many people obviously...
  11. ID help!

    Brass top. Rolled bottom sides with rolled edges have a stopper.
  12. 2 cm Small 3 Pointed object, Shiny Copper/Brass center? To me it looks like something mechanical, maybe part of a tool or clock? Kind of corroded. Im sure the chances that someone recognizes such a small piece of something are slim but please, surprise me! I tried searching google and just cant find anything like it...
  13. CW Tent Rope Fastener

    Thanks to my bud Davers for id'ing this piece from his crappy phone the other day while we were both in the field!!! I hope I didn't cut in to your digging time too much D. I can imagine if I had posted this in 'What is it', I would probably have received a half dozen 'pot handle' responses...
  14. ✅ SOLVED Small Brass Circular Item with Stems

    I can only guess it has something to do with a watch...? The thick stem appears to be solid. No threads or markings.
  15. Civil war relics everywhere.

    I think we've found a camp. I've dug more civil war relics this month than all of last year.
  16. Metal fork - brass

    Antique store find - brass about 6 inches in length - hammer or handle with two rounded prongs. Rings when hit but doubt it's a tuning fork. Not sure if it is antique or tooled to appear old. Looking for a purpose and identification.
  17. Help me identify this relic!

    I found this odd brass relic near Charlotte, NC. i have no clue what it could be. Anybody have any ideas?
  18. ✅ SOLVED Brass Pointed Item

    Hi all !!! Thanks in advance for any help identifying this piece. I found this item a few weeks ago and have had no luck on the net finding anything close to it. It is two pieces of brass soldered or brazed together. The barrel portion (with the 3/32" hole) looks like it may have been...
  19. Brass ship spike/nail? Found on Beach 0.3 Nautical Miles Downstream from Sloop Wreck

    Yesterday, I posted a thread here called a Few Whatsits and Two Bullets from Beach near Coast Guard. One of the items I asked for help identifying in particular now stands out after I read one of the responses I received: Icewing told me this may be a broken old brass ship's spike or...
  20. Brass - Pendant & Necklace - Tribal? - Help ID

    * Does anyone know what country or tribe this could be from? * What does it symbolize? It looks like a cross, but not sure. Bottom of pendant has a pointed tip. (Can't see in pic) The pendant takes up my whole palm of hand. Made of brass with a long brass chain. Any info would be greatly...