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  1. Effigy?? Found on Arroyo Colorado Harligen, Texas

    The Arroyo Colorado flooded recently my husband and I found this while walking by the Arroyo Colorado. Is it a Native American effigy??
  2. Native American tool?

    I got this in Blount County Tennessee (foothills of Great Smoky Mts.) from an antique dealer who buys alot out of local barns & estates. This item came in a box from a local barn here in East Tennessee. It looks like it could be something...very heavy and wonderful smooth chocolate surface...
  3. Arrowhead info please identification

    One of the guys on this site said to post pics of this arrowhead over here. Found this recently in a box of wwii photos. I know nothing about arrowheads. As always, thanks for your help!
  4. Certified Native American Trail Marker Tree Now Considered Historical Landmark

    Hi there from Indiana. I'm pretty new to tnet but I feel like this is my jam! I wanted to share with you all a tree I have lived for years and I've always thought it was special. So special that I regularly hike up to it. So special that when we had the woods selectively treed for conservation I...
  5. Scraper?

  6. Point or knife identification

    Hello, We were fortunate enough to find these 3 items along the Missouri River near St Louis MO. We are hoping someone can help us identify what type they are. Thank You!
  7. Black pottery pieces, Missouri River find

    Hello, We found 4 pieces of what look to be black pottery along the Missouri River, St. Louis, MO today. Three of the four pieces have similar lines on the back of them. One piece has white on the front, one has red on the front, the other two have nothing. Is anyone able to help us identify...
  8. Native American Stone Tool Beach Find?

    Found this on the beach. I have no idea if it looks and feels like it has been worked. Found in same area where other artifacts found in past.
  9. Looks like a pretty old shard. What do you think?

    Farmington River, Ct
  10. Arrowhead and Blade beach find

    Found these two items on the beach after a storm. Not sure what the big one is but I think it's Native American.
  11. Arrowhead info please?

    Hey everyone! I have some arrowheads I recently received from a friend. I don't know too much about them so I wanted to see if someone could help me out a little bit. Any guesses on type of stone? I know a bunch of them are chipped but I still wanted see if any were valuable. Thank you to...
  12. First Timer: Who made this polychrome pottery water vessel and when?

    Hello: This is my first, ever, post in this forum (I have looked at a number of posts but never done one myself). I need help! This water, or storage, vessel (I believe that's what it is because of its size: 17" tall by about 15" wide), belonged to a very wealthy Denver businessman who...
  13. axe head?

    axe head? i thought I would take advantage of the amazing morning light angles and try to capture the texture. So here are the photos... what do you think? it was found just under the water by the Farmington River bank in Central Connecticut.
  14. New Hunter, First Find

    First off I would like to say hello! I'm new to the forum and I'm excited to start learning. My brother got me interested in hunting for artifacts after he found about 7 nice points while at college over the last several months. Listening to him tell me about their history and what they're...
  15. Think i finally found some stuff (California)

    Found a few things while walking on my friends property. The area has a shell midden nearby and is not far from the beach. The rock/tool has one flat side with the other side being more rounded. It also has impact marks especially on the bottom as expected. Also, there appears to be...
  16. Spear head? Found in So. Oregon

    Everyone says it's a spear head. Can't find one online like it. It's heavy. 80.5 grams/2.840 oz. Don't believe it's stone, but someone suggested meteorite. I just have no idea. Found near the river in So. Oregon. The middle picture, that shows it as a dark brown is the more accurate color.
  17. Finally, something interesting...

    No way?!? What's this, something other than pottery shards? Thats not to say pottery isn't interesting, but I prefer artifacts made from rocks. lol It's nothing special compared to what some of you guys dig up, but I'll take what I can get. Its a beautiful material and both sides have been...
  18. Morgan County Tennessee - Strange Stone Formation

    This stone formation was found years ago by my aunt, she insists it is Native American in origin. She said the design was carved into it but since the picture was taken with an old Polaroid its very hard to see detail. She refused to say where it was and we only know that it was about a days...
  19. Native American artifacts from Oklahoma, but what are they?

    Estate sale finds. The largest is 7 3/4" long and extremely heavy. Second picture is possibly a hammer stone? It is 6 1/2" long. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    ✅ SOLVED The Sickle Mounds Petroglyphic Headstone

    The Sickle Mound's Headstone Not Available