1. Arrowhead Presentation

    So after many years (long before me as well) of finding arrowheads at our ranch, I decided to put together a "frameable" presentation where we could see some of our finds and label them accordingly. Let me know your thoughts and if I got them all correct (before I secure them to the poster)...
  2. Help ID’ng points/blades

    Hello. I am totally uneducated regarding Native American points. Over my boyhood years, I always kept my eyes to the ground looking for interesting threads. Over that time I found a few native points, but I haven’t a clue as to their identity. All of these come from central Indiana. I’m...
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Found this what looks like an arrow head in Clearwater Florida.

    I found this in the ocean not far from the shore in Clearwater Beach Florida, I thought it was a Tooth but looks more like a arrow head. Can someone identify this please.
  4. Today's find in WV!

    Back at it again in Greenbrier Co, West Virginia! Possibly a Jack's Reef made out of Laurel Run (Wythe Co, Va) chert?? Reply with your thoughts
  5. Can anyone ID these arrowheads and let me know if they're genuine or knapped?

    They're from Northern California I assume because that's where the people I got them from went gold prospecting. They claimed they were genuine, and I did see some age on some of them, but I couldn't be sure. And if they are real, can anyone identify what type of arrowheads they are and maybe...
  6. Nice little preform

    Kinda banged up little Ensor, but possibly the nicest preform I've ever found. Super thin and translucent! Creek finds today
  7. Full Bison Skull

    I found my second bison skull today, it is complete all the way down to the snout and has a little tip damage on the horn but I don’t care! This thing is heavy! It’s huge! NEKS  EDIT: a pic with my keys as size reference this thing is a monster!
  8. Is this an arrowhead???

    Hello Experts, We are new to this site and need your help identifying our latest findings. My 8 year old found ( what I believe) an arrowhead. Again, I have no clue and need your help identifying it. We found it near a creek in Virginia Beach,VA. Any assistance identifying is highly...
  9. Field Finds

    Tilled up my garden plot, and found some more interesting pieces! New to artifact hunting, so please help me. I’m thinking the arrowhead I found is a stemmed Kirk? Also wondering if the quartz pieces I found could be flakes or broken arrowheads. All were found in a 60x80’ area. I’m in central...
  10. First arrowhead!!!

    Found my first arrowhead today in northwest Florida! Been looking and digging test holes on our property for a while and have only found a few flakes and broken pieces until now. This one was barely covered with dirt. The field has been plowed and cultivated in the past. It has a broken tip, but...
  11. Arrowhead


    Found a nice arrowhead. My first one and only one so far. In about 8 inches of water in a small lake that has lots of whitefish. Thinking it was used to spear fish.
  12. Quartz Arrowhead

    Hi. Found this white quartz arrowhead - or maybe it’s a short-stemmed “point” - on the banks of the Piscataqua River in Portsmouth NH. Wondering if anyone can tell me how to determine age and/or what Native American peoples might have crafted and used this? Thnx!
  13. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Some sort of (prehistoric?) nail, tool or arrowhead found at sea floor

    Hi All, I found this while snorkeling at the North-West coast of Sardinia, at around 5m depth, some 100-150m off the shore. Cleaned it a bit, but didn't attempt any further as not to damage it. If you have any ideas what it could be or how I could clean it further let me know please. Here's a...
  14. Found this arrowhead on the gulf coast of the Florida panhandle

    Can anyone help me ID and date this arrowhead I found on the gulf coast of the Florida panhandle? By the shape and location I would say it's an Adena but I'm not sure.
  15. Arrowhead maybe in Warren County

    I was out in the middle of no where visiting relatives in Warren County that own a few acres. Found this by a lake on their property. Thoughts? You think it's an arrowhead?
  16. gemstones and arrowhead while metal detecting question

    Anyone know of some good sites in Georgia that would be good to hunt gem stones and/or arrowheads while out on some overnight metal detecting trips?
  17. ✅ SOLVED Can anyone identify this arrowhead (Patapsco State Park, Maryland)

    Hi there, I’m new to this site and would love some help identifying our first-ever found arrowhead! It was found on the river bank of the Patapsco River in Maryland. Thank you so much!
  18. CloudKicker

    My first post. Thanks for your input. Found in Eastern North Carolina. Hoping it’s an arrowhead! Have never found one before! Any ideas on medium/rock type, arrowhead type, time period? Thank you.
  19. To be or not to be an arrowhead?

    hello! so to start off I'm pretty sure this is not an arrowhead, but here's the backstory. I was metal detecting in my family's back fields which our family has owned for over 150 years. my great grandparents always found arrow heads in the fields after they would plow them up for crops, this...
  20. ARROWHEAD : Lenni-Lenape? - Yadkin Point? - ARROWHEAD

    Hello everyone and happy Sunday! :hello: I recently discovered something astonishing! In late March, I was measuring trees to identify their age. While I was measuring a 110 year old tulip popular tree, I looked down to see what I originally thought was a broken mason jar cap. I was so wrong! I...