1. axe, celt, tomahawk etc???

    does anyone have any ideas what this may be??? appreciate any info
  2. Guilford Axe Anybodys thoughts opinions. Rowan County North Carolina

    Guilford Axe Anybody's thoughts opinions. Rowan County North Carolina I found this this weekend in a field that has produced many Guilford points, Various Scrapers tools, what I believe to be morrow mountain points etc. etc. Just wanted to see if anyone had any opinions or thoughts on this...
  3. How old is this AXE & HAMMER?

    Anyone out there know how old or what century this Axe and Hammer were from? The both look antique especially the axe. Any info would be great! I tested it with a magnet and it does stick to both.
  4. Grinding Stone and Hoe

    I found these two items on our old farm when I was 10 years old, that was over 30 years ago. We lived in northern Heard County in western Georgia. I know the Creeks lived there. Not sure about the Cherokee. The grinding stone has two pits on one side and one larger pit on the other and are...
  5. Mystery Metal Spear and Axe - Can someone ID these?

    The spear and axe below were found in the 1970s by my father and uncle on a very remote hilltop in Southern Utah (near Bryce and Zion national parks) hidden under the roots of an old dead tree. Anyone have a guess as to their origin. I'm guessing either a late 19th or early 20th century...
  6. Didnt find the house, but found the tool shed

    Didn't find the house, but found the tool shed I had a much needed productive day in the woods. I went out yesterday trying to locate two old houses I found in an aerial photo from the 1930s near my house in the middle of the woods. I could not find the houses or any sign of them last night so...
  7. Old axe head - Need info!

    Does anyone know about this style axe head? I found it metal detecting at an abandoned town in Vermont that was colonized in the late 1700s. The town was split up in 1855. It feels more like stone than metal. It measures 6-1/4 inches long.
  8. Axe Head??

    I found what looks like it could have been an axe head or celt about a week ago near the Catawba River in North Carolina. I am pretty new to this and have no idea what I'm talking about lol. Any suggestions/advice? thanks, sosa961
  9. My oldest (metallic) find ever! Bronze age axe

    Hi all Went out to one of my permissions on Thursday morning, hoping to get an hour's detecting in between showers. To be honest, I wasn't expecting to find anything much. First signal was a little medallion/medal which said something like 38th Boston Encampt. (any ideas?) Got a good signal a...

    ???Hi,I found this axe head near to an iron age fort site today.I found another one(my last post) a few weeks ago but this is different.The hole in it seems to be narrow at one end,then gets a bit thicker.It is 16 cm long and 11 cm high(at the tip of the blade). If anyone could id this it would...
  11. Identify this axe-head please

    Hi,I found this iron axe head the other day about 4'' down,near an iron age fort site.I dont think its iron age,but could anyone tell me roughly how old it is? Thanks
  12. Is this an authentic Indian Stone Maul/Hammer?

    Found this in South Texas. Was wondering if anyone could tell me what it actually is... (hopefully not just a rock!)
  13. preserving metal relics, how to?

    I found all of theses by walking creeks while arrowhead hunting, not metal detecting. But this seems like the more apropriate forum. Amazing how many steel axe heads I have found compared to the few stone axes. I want to preserve them the way they are all rusty. What is the best way to do this...